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  1. GBG goods costs for sectors determined when?

    if one of your guild members leaves during the gbg season, it might change the goods cost on the camp too
  2. "For the first X battles"

    i think he got this idea if you propose the same thing in different ways multiple times you can fool people into buying it eventually
  3. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    milestone is not the one in the quest, each 20 paws you get a milestone reward
  4. "For the first X battles"

    with your second post following that, I'm pretty sure that's not the case.
  5. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    The second base building is at the 14th milestone.
  6. "For the first X battles"

    The percentage is the game. When they do not work, they used up a percentage chance.
  7. What order should I be leveling GBs?

    https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/arctic-orangery-real-effect-on-battles.42027/ you might think differently after you read this thread.
  8. What order should I be leveling GBs?

    i think you not getting my points, the ROI on building your tri A/D building is slim to none once they pass lv100. and A/D boost over 1600/1200 are not really helping you to get more fights in gbg.
  9. What order should I be leveling GBs?

    okay, so in your theory, since gbg can make up the fp income, the higher A/D boost you get from your A/D GBs/AO will net you more fps, correct? my only issue with that is that you can only do a limited amount of fights per season regardless of whether you are in a good guild or a bad guild. If...
  10. What order should I be leveling GBs?

    so where you put the fps you get from gbg to, sir?
  11. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    why you even bother answering this, if you meet the term, he would say, did you do it with less than 25 people? if not, try that. and rinse and repeat. eventually, you need to get to diamond by yourself and no arc/obs/soh in 1 season from the ground up.
  12. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    why do you want a new guild to compete with an "establish" diamond 1 guild? so all the good guilds gonna quit?
  13. [Question] What determines what you can sell to the Antique Dealer?

    the only thing you can't fix in this world is stupidity, no matter what inno does, someone gonna have issues with the UI, one way or another
  14. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    ever heard of "guild too trash to be in the alliances" that's the sorry guilds crying over gbg all the time
  15. Message board is overrun with trolls. Good luck!

    ? so its okay for you to lie about how good your guild is but it's not okay for others to lay out the facts?
  16. Free diamonds

    well, I assume everyone knows how to read " this gift is only available for 3 days". my fault
  17. Free diamonds

    in game message that targets easy people for scam
  18. New Issue SoH move resets all SoH

    its intended behavior
  19. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    and they all average below 1.5 paws per ticket. ofc the game design is wrong, not the skill of the players
  20. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    you do realize doing so you gonna lose one ticket every 8 hours right? which equals 25 moves?