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  1. Looking for a guild

    I am looking for a reliable guild. I have GBs that will help out (ARC, Obs) as well as SoH. I am able to complete GE lvl 4 each week as well as participate in GBG to ~25 attrition each day. I do not actively participate in the GVG due to timings in the past (I was working or sleeping when the...
  2. Looking for a guild

    I am looking for an active guild. I am about half way through the research for PostModern Era. I prefer one that opens lvl 4 Guild Expedition each week. GvG, with work very tough for me to participate but I do what I can as far as filling sectors with troops. I do log on daily. I do have...
  3. [Question] Can we group the hard core battle mongers into their own neighborhood and towers?

    As someone who participates as best I can in all aspects of the game (IE trading, GE, GvG, PvP towers, events, etc), I am a firm believer in rewards vs effort. You do not put in the effort, why should you get get any rewards. You want to penalize someone like me, who spends the time every day...
  4. Want friends? Post here. Accept friends from here.

    Hi! My name is debuffed. I am a daily player in the Early Middle Ages. I read people's descriptions as to their preference of motivation/polishing. Looking for more friends to add to my list. Currently have no GBs (bad luck on blueprints), been dumping all my excess FPs into other people's.