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  1. Rogue Master MJ

    New Issue Friends Tavern issue

    My Tavern Bouncer is sooooo confused!
  2. Rogue Master MJ

    Already Suggested Closed

    Yeah.... Guess Not....
  3. Rogue Master MJ

    Already Suggested Closed

    Perfectly Said... As Usual Razor....
  4. Rogue Master MJ

    Already Suggested Closed

    GBG Farming is a player invention... There is no requirement to do what You are asking....
  5. Rogue Master MJ

    New Issue Background not showing

    BFA could work in Inno support....
  6. Rogue Master MJ

    Mughal Empire Cultural Settlement Feedback

    You will not enjoy the sloooooow pace... Case of The Empire Strikes Back... But with none of the fun.....
  7. Rogue Master MJ

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    I had the full Eagle Mountain on both worlds last week, thought i might luck into a second full one, but it seems as though the pawprints have dropped off in a huge way... Now will be trying to decide if it is worth keeping extra pieces in inventory... or send them to AD...
  8. Rogue Master MJ

    [Question] What determines what you can sell to the Antique Dealer?

    What determines what you can sell at the Antiques Dealer is your ability or inability to unlock inventory items...
  9. Rogue Master MJ

    New Issue friends tavern shows full but cant collect

    No... This has not been resolved for PC players....
  10. Rogue Master MJ

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Wow folks... Over 1,000 posts on this topic...
  11. Rogue Master MJ

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    A year from starting to plat FoE.....
  12. Rogue Master MJ

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    FoE is supposed to be a social game.... GbG Alliances are a result of coordinated social play between many. It only took me one year to get strong/good enough to be in top guilds on N & Z worlds No You can't achieve much without time and effort... Which is the great thing about this game
  13. Rogue Master MJ

    July Competition - Who dares wins!

    Destroy F5, then click F7, then click F8
  14. Rogue Master MJ

    Word Shift

  15. Rogue Master MJ

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    You are only required to have people on every four hours if you want to win....
  16. Rogue Master MJ

    Terrace Farm?

    But they are a lovely snack when plundering the hood....
  17. Rogue Master MJ

    Champions Retreat?

    Champs are for chumps... Take Ebeondi's advice above... On the mark.
  18. Rogue Master MJ

    Not A Bug PvP - fighting same person over and over

    Another month slides by.... Yep PvP is still just thump the same dummies again and again out of sheer boredom for minimal rewards.... Something to do while waiting for the next great INNO game improvement.... or not....
  19. Rogue Master MJ

    PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    You can only "lose" five times per day on defense.... so there is still no point in city defense...
  20. Rogue Master MJ

    Why does the Antiques Dealer penalize for longer Barter times?

    You are penalized in many ways throughout the game.... It is INNO's way of Thanking You For Playing... Perhaps you could ease your pain by purchasing some lovely diamonds.... Or... Suck it up Buttercup and do two hour AD turns to "maximize" your profit...