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  1. Joeyjojojo

    I'm Gonna Miss VF...

    Autobattling GBG at 90 attrition. Those rocket troops are awesome. I don't suspect this is gonna be possible for me in SAM, but it was time to move up.
  2. Joeyjojojo

    [Answered] AF Recurring Quests [& Rewards]

    I suppose I'll find out next week when I advance there but trying to plan a bit: in Arctic Future the recurring quests seem to change up a lot, and I've seen...confusing bits of info online. Do some of the recurring quests provide rewards from lower eras (mostly concerned about goods)? E.g...
  3. Joeyjojojo

    How Does the New Auto Double Dip Work?

    I have searched, but can't seem to find this answer. I know there is now an auto double dip (I just got it from RAH, which was leveled by someone else), but I don't seem to get it from Cape/AO, which I have leveled myself. So does the auto function not apply to FP producers, or does it not...
  4. Joeyjojojo

    Replace 2x store building prize with 1-up kit in DC Challenger's Chest

    Proposal Challenger's Chest prizes: 7% SoK, 7% WW, 11% Rogue, 20% Reno Kit, 25% 1-Up Kit, 30% 50 FPs (alternate: 7% SoK, 7% WW, 11% Rogue, 20% Reno Kit, 20% 2x 1-Up Kit, 35% 50 FPs) Current System (if applicable) Challenger's Chest prizes: 7% SoK, 7% WW, 11% Rogue, 20% Reno Kit, 25% 2x Store...
  5. Joeyjojojo

    Daily collection for Shrine of Inspiration

    Proposal Proposal is simple: reduce the collection time to 1 day for Shrine of Inspiration. It's still going to be the worst shrine, but the worst shrine should still be a decent building. Current System Shrine of Inspiration has a 48 hr collection period unlike other shrines which are 24...