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  1. New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    IPad Air 4 latest IOS game version 1.211.19 did not happen on previous versions of the game. This bug showed up with the latest game version. when entering or clicking on a GBG province the game will exit to the iPad desktop. Reloading game and or rebooting iPad might fix issue for a short...
  2. Worst GBG map you’ve seen

    List it… Last season we had the worst map I’ve seen… just one 3 slot building tile on the entire map at a2t. Has anyone see a worse map?
  3. Do you find buildings of your age worthless?

    Just an observation. I’m in Arctic Future and not counting GBs... 1 AF building in my town... a barracks. The Arc, CF, and event buildings have eliminated the need for other buildings of my age. So, will Inno ever rebalanced the buildings of your age to make you think about using them... or has...
  4. GB goals

    I set GB leveling goals and complete them 1 at a time. Right now I’m working on the ToR. What are your near term goals? My next 3 goals, ToR is in progress. 1. ToR level 89 to level 100 2. Chateau level 80 to level 100 3. AO level 84 to level 100