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  1. Recurring Quests

    I had 3 RQs when I was in OF. Now in VF there are only 2. The third slot is the story quest Line and it requires me to move to SAM.
  2. Several aspects of the ship in Arctic Future confuse me. Please try to clarify for me.

    gear% (crew ability to repair ship) is one of the crew abilities I’ve been giving priority to to improve.
  3. Several aspects of the ship in Arctic Future confuse me. Please try to clarify for me.

    how low was their efficiency before the repair. I repair my ships after each trip if they can be repaired. The lowest one of my ships were was 65% and that got repaired to 100%. I’m at the point where my focus is to max out my sailors and submariners than collect more special goods.
  4. Several aspects of the ship in Arctic Future confuse me. Please try to clarify for me.

    While this thread is about the AF ship I want to point out that if you spend between 3 to 4 months in each age AF and above you don’t need the SC to get special goods for you. I’m in VF now and I already have enough of the AF and OF special goods to satisfy the demand for those goods through...
  5. Several aspects of the ship in Arctic Future confuse me. Please try to clarify for me.

    If the ships health is 90% or better you cannot repair it. If the ships health is 89% or worse you can pay goods to repair to 100%. While damage affects the efficiency of the ship there is no difference in ship efficiency if ships health is 90% to 100%.
  6. Best fighting units by age

    TE… tanks and rogues FE… hovers and rogues AF… 1 or 2 Battle Fortresses and rogues… great combo… my best attrition level 119 was with this combo. OF… 2 sub cruisers and rogues. Contact retaliation is great. VF… 2 Ronin Bots and 6 rocket troops. I‘ve been heavy fighting GBG since FE. I...
  7. Story quests

    I look forward to doing the story quests and getting my rewards from doing them. When they are done for the age I am in I enjoy getting my 2 and sometimes 3 RQ slots back. Some of the story quests reward diamonds… always nice. Some reward goods and troops of the age of the quest. That is how...
  8. How is "Motivation" determind

    Motivation…. If your Pirates hideout isn’t getting motivated you need better friends and guildmates. Motivation comes from when your friends guildmates and hoodies aid your town. If you have lots of good buildings that are not getting motivated you need to get better friends and guildmates.
  9. I'm down to 7 provinces not captured; what's next?

    if I remember I used hovers through VF. After VF I used recon rangers to do Mars and eels to do SAAB. Both recon rangers and eels move first and shoot first. With a high enough offensive attack you can remove 3 or 4 of the enemy units before they can even shoot once.
  10. [Question] Negotiantions

    when it gets to a 50 50 choice I do the same thing. Either always pick the good you have the least of or always pick the good you have the most of. If you do that every time you will either be right 50% of the time or you will see a trend where it is picking the other good. If that is the...
  11. Buying FPs and GE Attempts slower?

    buying Fp on an iPad is now painfully slow. A new menu comes up and you need to choose 1 of 6 options. You can still only buy 1 at a time but you need to wait a few seconds for the menu to refresh before buying another one. The bar still maxes out at 10. Just another example of the the fact...
  12. [Question] Negotiantions

    Totally agree…. Work at this guessing game and guess what… you’ll get better at it. There is a learning curve. There is a lot of logic to negotiating. At first you want to do 2 things… eliminate those goods that are not used in this puzzle and move the ones that are in the wrong slot to another...
  13. Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    I got the completed Pirates Hideout without using diamonds but this was the first time I needed the event box to do so. I missed that final compass upgrade by 2 moves of the ship.
  14. Black city

    You need to use the app. The game will not work on the browser (safari) on an iPad. Download the app. i don’t understand why your cities won’t work when using the app?
  15. Building boost from Tavern doesn't show in buildings

    The gain population quest. There is a trick. Pick a goods building that needs population. Start to build it. Immediately delete it. The quest just added the population the goods building subtracted when you deleted it. Repeat until you satisfy the quest. You see it’s not gain total...
  16. New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    Version 1.211.20 fixed this problem for me.
  17. Feedback for Update 1.211

    Version 1.211.20 fixed the GBG problem that 1.211.19 caused.
  18. New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    Thanks I’ll grab it now.
  19. New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    IPad Air 4 latest IOS game version 1.211.19 did not happen on previous versions of the game. This bug showed up with the latest game version. when entering or clicking on a GBG province the game will exit to the iPad desktop. Reloading game and or rebooting iPad might fix issue for a short...
  20. Spin the Wheel probabilities

    i have a lot of Arc bps. 1 in 9 chance of hitting a particular slot. The slot with the most bp has 5079. The slot with the least has 4968. That’s more than a 100 bp difference. I never had to 2 for 1 my arc prints. Even with a lot of chances there will be differences. It will be close but it...