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  1. When building, prompt to build from Building Menu or Inventory

    Idea: When selecting to build an item from the Building Menu and the item exists in the Inventory, provide a prompt to notify the player they have one in inventory and allow the player to select if they wish to build from the Building Menu or from Inventory. Not on DNS. No similar ideas...
  2. Do Not Suggest Display Attack/Ignore status on Sector Pop-up for non-Battlefield Officers

    Idea: Display the attack/ignore status for a sector on the pop-up window for the sector for non-battlefield officers I did not find a similar or related idea posted. Reason: The pop-up window covers a large portion of the battlefield, possibly including the sector the pop-up is displaying...
  3. Forwarded Display Guild Name on PC when clicking avatar in Message Center

    Idea: Display the Guild Name of the player when clicking on the avatar in the message center. On PC, clicking on the avatar in the message center there is no guild or age information given for the selected player. On Mobile, clicking on the avatar in the message center displays the players...
  4. [Question] Army Management screen and Injured Troops

    Is it my imagination or do all of the injured troops appear in the army management screen but only a few (20 IIRC) 22 healthy troops?
  5. Players Guild

    It's really too bad the the only way to find a players guild is to search unless they are in your friends list or neighborhood. Why doesn't the pop up box that appears when clicking on an avatar display the player's guild (ie., in the message center, great building contributor, and firends...
  6. Update the DNS

    The last 6 ideas moved to unformatted have also been noted as DNS. One of them I may be able to see how it fits the DNS, with VERY liberal application of artistic liberty reading the DNS. The other 5 I do not see how they fit the DNS. This is independent of whether I agree with them or not...
  7. World sub-forums

    Is there any check or assurance the posters in the world forums actually participate in the world they are posting or saying they are from?
  8. AD selling prices

    Are the prices of the items being sold in the AD fixed or random? If they are fixed, is there a published price list?
  9. [Question] Cancel Production button vs Abort Quest button

    Why is the Cancel Production button on the left and the Abort (aka Cancel) Quest button on the right? GUI development class 101 says be consistant, second suggests cancel should be on the right.
  10. [Question] Ways to track guild growth

    What ways are available to directly track guild growth? In growth, I mean strength and power. I can watch through GE and GBG, but those are indirect and subjective indicators. I am looking for a direct way, such as cumulative member power (summation of each members power number, but I don't want...
  11. [Question] When is a new feature no longer new

    Title says it all. When is a new feature no longer new, as applies to suggesting ideas in feedback thread versus making a properly formatted idea suggestion?
  12. GBG Focus Markers

    I didn't think you could put a focus marker on a territory you owned. We have conquered the sector. My intention was to mark it for attack when it unlocked. Then I realized WE were the owners. I was allowed to place a focus attack marker on it (a sector we own). I also tried and could place...
  13. Change to require Moderator privilege to create guild threads

    Idea: The Moderator privilege is required to delete a thread from the guild section of the message center. Change to require the moderator privilege to create threads in the guild section. Reason: To allow guild leaders the ability to manage whom can create threads in the guild section of the...
  14. New Idea Update new message indicators in message center

    Idea: Update message indicators in new message center (yellow dot) to work the similar to the message envelope in the navigation bar New message No new messages Reason: When the message envelope is illuminated it indcates there is a new message, when you click on the envelope it shows...
  15. Already Suggested Elimate Hidden Incidents

    Idea: All incidents should be visible, not hidden by other objects. Reason: Especially in cities, the incidents in appearing on roadways may be hidden by buildings or objects that hide the roadway. Details: Have only incidents appear where they are plainly visible and require no workarounds...
  16. Not A Bug Error in forums - OP not correct

    The forum says I started a thread but I did not. I did post and then delete the post as I realized this was duplicate thread.
  17. [Question] Attack symbol for neighbors you can't attack???

    Why do all of the players in the neighborhood all have attack symbols? Why do those who have not unlock PvP attacks have an attack option? Shouldn't that be hidden?
  18. [Question] Egypt troops do not count towards defeat troops request

    Is that a bug or a bummer?
  19. [Question] Is there a Maximum Thread Count?

    I know there is a max in the friends list and if a thread isn't used in 30 days, Inno kills it. Simple, quick question. Is there a maximum thread count you can be associated with?
  20. [Question] Which troop is the converted rogue

    After a rogue converts to a regular troop, how do you tell which was the rogue and which was a regular troop at the start of the battle?