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  1. Not A Bug Too-strict military algorithm needs relaxing

    Browser and Version: Any. Overview of the bug: Matching military results in repeated total defeats Screenshots: Attached. How often this occurs: probably always Urgency: moderate. This scenario appears regularly in the daily quest Preventative Actions: unsure. Summary: Attached screenshot is...
  2. New Issue Summer Wheel showing prize before wheel stops

    Why can't they predetermine that I get the good stuff, then?
  3. Not A Bug DCR: Viking settlement notification of diplomacy loss due to sale needs a 'don't ask me again' checkbox

    Browser and Version: Firefox, 64 bit latest (not that it matters; this is a flaw in the gameplay and I observed this when I had 32 bit Firefox running) Overview of the bug: When selecting to delete a runestone, for example, or other 'diplomacy object', one is reminded that it will cost diplomacy...
  4. Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    I have refreshed often when I didn't see anything I wanted/needed - and no, I didn't read the announcement that this was the case; why would I assume that this is a group thing, that my action of refreshing affects others? How could I refrain from refreshing on that basis alone? Totally bogus.
  5. Lords & Ladies Guild is Recruiting Active Members

    Join by messaging, or...?
  6. I know, but I don't know why.

    I agree, nice to be able to help with goods.
  7. Suggestion: new suite of happiness buildings

    Park, bandstand, popcorn vendor, park gate, picnic tables, etc.
  8. Not A Bug DESIGN CHANGE REQUEST Viking settlement needs an alert to indicate a goods building is ready to make goods

    Browser and Version: any Overview of the bug: Viking settlement doesn't have an alert to indicate a goods building is ready to make goods Screenshots: not needed How often this occurs: always Urgency: High annoyance, low impact Preventative Actions: none Summary: Starting the Viking...
  9. Not A Bug DESIGN CHANGE REQUEST Add friends to choices of target groups in marketplace

    Browser and Version: Firefox, latest. Overview of the bug: I can't restrict trades to my friends for exchanging goods and I have too many friends to check to see who needs what individually. Screenshots: See attached. The real estate is available if the goods dropdowns are shortened slightly and...
  10. August Contest - Summer Event!

  11. New Issue Military unit training dialog does not ask user about spending diamonds

    Browser and Version: any Overview of the bug: Diamonds are required to 'open' fifth unit of rangers, etc. Clicking on the button to spend diamonds doesn't warn the user. User can't change their mind. Screenshots: n/a How often this occurs: always. Tried it with two different kinds of units...
  12. Not A Bug DESIGN CHANGE REQUEST Accepting a friend request 'disappears' the friend

    Browser and Version: any Overview of the bug: accepting a friend request and then going and aiding that friend process needs modification Screenshots: n/a How often this occurs: every friend request Urgency: moderate/low, but high annoyance level Preventative Actions: none Summary: I got...
  13. New Issue Wrong graphic in PvP Arena attempt purchase screen

    Browser and Version: Firefox, latest. Overview of the bug: Graphic for buying attempts in PvP is incorrect; shows 3 attempts but text and amount of diamonds reflects one attempt Screenshots: see attached. How often this occurs: It's a bug. It's always there. Urgency: low Preventative Actions...
  14. Not A Bug Design Change Request: Replace Observatory floating crate indicating collectible goods to an exclamation point

    Browser and Version: Any Overview of the bug: Owning an Observatory and leaving a guild indicates collectible goods with an in-the-way goods crate Screenshots: Attached. How often this occurs: When you leave a guild whilst owning an OBS, but other buildings similarly dependent on guild...
  15. New Issue Promotional dialogs cannot be dismissed without refreshing the game

    This is about the fifth time I've run into this. NOT amused. Browser and Version: Firefox, latest. Overview of the bug: [Desktop player] Game displays an offer of diamonds, etc. Dialog cannot be closed by the [x] button or by clicking on the background. The only way to dismiss is by refreshing...
  16. New Issue Tavern issues

    YO, DEV, IT'S BAAAAAACK! :confused:
  17. New Issue Tavern issues

    Browser and Version: Firefox, 90.0.2 (latest) Overview of the bug: Tavern capacity isn't updating when customers' coin is collected or when new customers sit down Screenshots: See attached. Also observed: status 'balloon' indicating occupancy doesn't update when going from empty to seats filled...
  18. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Two full 24 hour cycles of 'it's dark outside; come back tomorrow' in the quest makes no sense.
  19. What is up with the event? Come back in 20 hours????

    This says somebody ran out of ideas, since it's the second pause in 24 hours.
  20. New Issue Internal error during GE negotiations - spending diamonds

    Three times this has happened, and only since the implementation of the castle system (like today). Browser and Version: Firefox, latest version. Overview of the bug: Buying diamonds to continue negotiations generates a 'sorry an internal error has occured.' Click on the 'ok' button, and the...