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  1. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    I know you can go on your profile, go to news, then event history, and then click on your desired tower,but is there and quicker way I have not discovered? I have been playing a couple years and have not found any other way.
  2. gianteagle

    Auto 1.9 Calculator in Great Buildings

    Idea: In the great building tabs where you can donate, there should be a button with a pre-calculated 1.9 and you donate to the first open 1.9 that you are eligible for. It could also have an option to donate enough to secure the first open spot. One of these or both could be implemented. Have...
  3. gianteagle

    New guild requirements

    Does anyone else think that you should have to be farther in the game than when you unlock guilds to be able to create one. I think it would be good to make it so you need a certain amount of points or be in a farther age to start your own guild. You would still be able to join another but not...
  4. gianteagle

    Do Not Suggest PvP

    Idea: live player vs. player Reason: This may be a fun way to improve the pvp. Details: You would be able to go into a tab for the purpose. You would press a button that would match you with someone else also looking for a challenger. You would fight against each other with no artificial...
  5. gianteagle

    Do Not Suggest Custom Profile Pictures

    Idea: Have custom profile pictures on the game. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes. I think I'm good. Reason: This would be fun and add some more personality to our profile pictures...
  6. gianteagle

    Guild recruitment

    U.S.A Revival is recruiting. Will be around level 11 on the weekend. Looking for semi active and active members who do GE and a bit of GBG
  7. gianteagle

    Contact Support Contribution reward confusion?

    What is going on? I only donated to help this person get to level five but on my event history it says I achieved 5th on level 2, not second on level 5. I double-checked all levels and confirmed I only donated in the above picture but it shows the below in my event history. They are the same...
  8. gianteagle

    Auto Battle second check.

    Just up for thoughts as two minutes ago I accidentally auto-battled instead of surrendering and have done this before. Is it worth the extra second per auto battle to have an " are your sure?" pop up if you auto-battle in the middle of a battle in case you mis-clicked? My army got crushed and I...
  9. gianteagle

    Parkogs dead in middle of night(duh)

    At 11;42 Central this is a deadzone. I wonder why???!;)
  10. gianteagle

    Looking for a Guild?

    Fabled Kings is looking for semi-active to active members
  11. gianteagle

    AD improvements

    Idea:Have an icon to show if you are winning the auction and then an alert when you get outbid. Reason: This would make it more convenient to bid against others. Details: If you have the highest bid you would see an icon to show it and then at least it should have an alert for when you are...
  12. gianteagle


    There have been multiple times when I wanted to friend a person but when I search them it says they don't exist. Is this a bug or a mistake or what. It has happened many times and when they look for me it is perfectly fine.
  13. gianteagle

    Quarantine Skills.

    I tried to take up juggling and sort of got and then took 5 and when I tried again totally lost the feel for it. Has anyone learned, or tried to, anything or any skill in their quarantine caused free time?
  14. gianteagle

    "Mark as read"

    Idea- Have a mark as read button on the message centrre to mark all old messages a read. Reason- Even when the message icon is not glowing anymore you have to manually check all of your messages so you know what's new. Maybe its petty, but in well-used threads like FP swaps, you can always know...
  15. gianteagle

    Bad internet?

    WHy does it say not active in the GE? slow internet? could be. let me know your ideas
  16. gianteagle

    What is the next event?

    The FoE page is still advertizing the soccer event so can anyone tell me this upcoming one?
  17. gianteagle

    How to quote

    Can anyone tell me how they quote each other on the forum?
  18. gianteagle

    Why are there two settlement off-grid buildings?

    Anyone notice that the "Harbor" and "ship" are separate but both go to the same place? This is a tiny detail but it drives me crazy every time I see it.
  19. gianteagle

    Unformatted Antiques Dealer ideas

    Have alerts in the antique dealer to let you know if you have been outbid in the auction. There could also be an auto-bid that can be set for a specific item so that if you are outbid it would bid more up to a certain amount It is a real pain to have to constantly check the auction to see if you...
  20. gianteagle

    [Question] How do I know what units my Royal Bathhouse gives me?

    I just got my royal bathhouse and when I collect it it just shows the units symbol but I have no Idea what units I got. Do I have to look through my units and count them or does Inno have a solution?