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  1. gianteagle

    Joke of the Day

    why did the rope have to sit in the corner
  2. gianteagle

    Word Shift

  3. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    same dif. puts you in just a different tab of the same pop up
  4. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    Anyone hear of any recent estimates for when the pvp arena is coming?
  5. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    I have them. I was just saying I have to go all the way back to even find the right one through the continent map. Of course, pvp tower is not worth it, but I was curious.
  6. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    I guess I forgot continent map, but what if you are in the industrial age map but on LMA? a little inconvenient
  7. gianteagle

    What is the easiest way to access battle towers?

    I know you can go on your profile, go to news, then event history, and then click on your desired tower,but is there and quicker way I have not discovered? I have been playing a couple years and have not found any other way.
  8. gianteagle

    Word Association Game

  9. gianteagle


  10. gianteagle

    [Question] Can I transfer my account to a new player?

    while we are on this topic, could you transfer an account, say like from the uk to the us server?
  11. gianteagle

    Can you delete or stop a tavern boost?

    it is the whole point of quests where you must get multiple tavern boosts. without diamonds, or a whole lot of tavern silver to buy short boosts, it is really hard
  12. gianteagle

    anyone have any 1.9 threads on Parkog?

    anyone have any 1.9 threads on Parkog?
  13. gianteagle

    "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"...

    "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery" -Can't remember who said this
  14. gianteagle

    Auto 1.9 Calculator in Great Buildings

    Idea: In the great building tabs where you can donate, there should be a button with a pre-calculated 1.9 and you donate to the first open 1.9 that you are eligible for. It could also have an option to donate enough to secure the first open spot. One of these or both could be implemented. Have...
  15. gianteagle

    Make Each Unit Look Different

    going to admit some are hard to tell apart in manual battles
  16. gianteagle

    New guild requirements

    It seems maybe just changing the joining method would help. Maybe my previously proposed requirements could only apply to players on the first world as they would likely not be starting their own guild for the purposes Stephen Longshanks brought up. That way if they were at the point where it...
  17. gianteagle

    New guild requirements

    Does anyone else think that you should have to be farther in the game than when you unlock guilds to be able to create one. I think it would be good to make it so you need a certain amount of points or be in a farther age to start your own guild. You would still be able to join another but not...
  18. gianteagle

    Feed the Gerbils!

    can anything besides FoE load? it might be your network. I find the network gets slow on holidays and times where everyone will be on
  19. gianteagle

    Feedback for update 1.197

    I love the new production window but as others have noticed, it is really annoying when it zooms in. I know it was intended but I am not quite sure why. Its intended use is beyond me, but may help others?
  20. gianteagle

    Why does INNO allow Unfair PVP?

    Collect on time. If that doesn't stop them just stay put, build your city up, and remember the hoods change all the time. On a side note, does anyone know if hood changes are random? Because there are a few people that are literally in my hood almost every week and have been like that for many...