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  1. Amyality the Relentless

    Negotiation Totals

    I am just wondering why fight totals are listed with our global rankings but not negotiation totals. When looking for prospective guild members, fight totals are a good indicator of a strong city and a willingness to be competitive in GE and GBG. But negotiation totals would do that as well...
  2. Amyality the Relentless

    GBG Traps

    I am thinking traps do not work as I assumed (don't assume things, Amy.) I don't think there is a 45% chance that they double our attrition overall...just for that particular fight/negotiation. Otherwise we would quickly find ourselves with 1000+ attrition. I havent seen my attrition go from say...
  3. Amyality the Relentless

    Opinions on interesting GvG tactic

    A member of our guild received a message from a hoodie yesterday. Basically it says: I breached your city. I will not plunder you if your guild agrees to not attack us any more in GvG on the ME map. I'm curious as to your opinions, thoughts, and how you would respond.
  4. Amyality the Relentless

    Hawks Watchtower Recruiting

    Hawks Watchtower is looking to increase our player base with active members who have an interest in GE and hopefully GvG. What we offer: -fast growing guild with level 33 town hall benefits -GE focused, level 4 opened weekly, high participation rate -growing GvG program -daily playing...
  5. Amyality the Relentless

    Guild Leader Tips

    Do any guild leaders have an innovative technique, tip, or trick they are willing to share? Any new programs you have introduced that helped improve your guild? Or guild members... what do you see as characteristics of a successful guild leader? Also, any tips for recruiting? New members have...