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  1. CaptainKirk1234


    I read some things about chromebooks not working with foe, and now guess what:now my chromebook isn't working with FOE. Any advice, earlier GBG, GE and settlement weren't loading, now once I got off, Foe isnt even loading... kinda comedic actually.
  2. CaptainKirk1234

    5 Diamond Collect

    I usually use the 5 diamonds collect button a lot, but in this case my DT is clearly collected, and yet the 5 diamonds button doesn't pop up? I know I have over 100fp in my bar... that is why I want to use it in the first place. Does anyone know what is up. I can post bigger pictures with a...
  3. CaptainKirk1234

    Q About Private Chat on Forum

    Is there a way to post a screenshot on Private Messages on Forum without having a link to the Image and without having to make a link with a 3rd party source? Cause when I hit the button I normally do to add a Image it says you need a link???
  4. CaptainKirk1234

    Contact Support Spam Messages

    When a message is marked as a spam you can edit the message and delete the part that says the message is a spam.
  5. CaptainKirk1234

    Do Not Suggest New game update change

    I have read a lot of people who think that the new update that automatically goes to the next production is a bad Idea or that they would want it to have a option to be disabled, now unfortunetly these where unformatted so they didnt get forwarded. This is where the update was announced...
  6. CaptainKirk1234

    Wow! 20 Bakery's

    I was looking at peoples city's and I saw this.. I just felt like sharing, The amount of money that must have been spent. And yet highest GB is level 10! If you have any other crazy pics like this feel free to share.
  7. CaptainKirk1234

    Allies of Zendekar looking for members ranked #33

    Allies of Zendekar hosts a series of 1.9 and 1.8 threads, we rank well in GBG and GE, we have 3,5,10,20,30, 40, 50, 100 and 200fp swap threads. Our leader is steelth and he makes GBG and GE reports, and has all our guild records in spreadsheets, he also awards titles for top 5...
  8. CaptainKirk1234

    Forge Points From GBG

    When I used to do 20 battles in GBG I would get at least 50fp-100fp, but recently I can rarely even get more than 10 or 20fp. This has been going on for a few weeks now and I was wondering is there something I can do to raise that amount or was there a game update that lowers the amount of fp...
  9. CaptainKirk1234

    Forum contest results qeustion

    When and where will the results of the winter contest be posted.
  10. CaptainKirk1234

    Why cant I do the winter challenge?

    Why can I do the winter challenge, It just says come back later.
  11. CaptainKirk1234

    Already Suggested Darker Settlement Roads

    Idea: My idea is to have darker roads in egyptian and viking settlements. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? I have checked and there is 1 other idea like this one, but a forum moderator...
  12. CaptainKirk1234

    City Suggestion

    Hello, I am fairly new to the game and this is my city, I just want to get some tips and suggestions, my city production is 11fp and I have a level 7 arc, level 4 zeus, level 5 oracle and level 1 lighthouse.
  13. CaptainKirk1234

    Do Not Suggest Renovation Mode for Side Settlements

    Idea: My idea is that you implement reconstruction mode into the settlements so that people can reorganize there settlements more easily. I checked the Ideas section, but did not find any similar ideas. Reason: So that people can easily organize settlements and not have to go through the...
  14. CaptainKirk1234

    Do Not Suggest A certain amount of Great Buildings released per year

    I had a idea and would like some feedback, what if Inno Games limited the amount of rare Great Buildings released per year. For Example: lets just say that 1000 arcs are put into play every year, what if Inno cut that number in half to 500 hundred a year about 41 per month. so if you have a GB...