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  1. Tarcotti

    New tavern features?

    I’m just curious if anyone has ever wanted more tavern features. For example: -Higher upgrades then what is already available -extra negotiation turn for GBG -defense boost for attacking units -higher percentage chance (like2%) at receiving bp when aiding These are just my examples, no need...
  2. Tarcotti

    Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is recruiting!

    *Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is a caring, loyal, and internationally diverse group of players so obsessed with playing this game, we sometimes choose it over sleep! *O.N.E. believes in serious game play and serious fun. *We have accountability for our requirements and we enjoy crushing...
  3. Tarcotti

    "Trade Offer doesn't exist anymore" message in threads

    I was curious if anyone thought it would be useful or helpful if this message instead said: "(Insert Player Name here) picked up your offer for (the trade you posted)" instead of "Trade offer doesn't exist anymore" Obviously the info in parenthesis would be for whatever happened for each...