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  1. MarktheMagnificent

    Caption Competition #3.

  2. MarktheMagnificent

    GBG sector flipping.

    Can anyone out there please enlighten me? I often see, in GBG, that guilds attack sectors until they have 159/160 (Diamond) but do not immediately take these sectors. What is the reasoning behind this? It is likely that I am missing the obvious here, but when you're old enough to remember the...
  3. MarktheMagnificent

    Caption Competition #2.

  4. MarktheMagnificent

    Caption Competition

    Add a caption to this picture
  5. MarktheMagnificent


    Invent a word (FoE related) and give its definition. eg Plundurmudgeon = a portmanteau of "plunder" and "curmudgeon", meaning someone who moans all the time about being plundered. "He's always whinging about being plundered. He's a real Plundurmudgeon."
  6. MarktheMagnificent

    Time Travel

    If you could travel back in time, where would you go? What would you do? And why? I would go back to Rome at its height, the early 2nd century AD. I would be a merchant. Travelling this huge expanse of land, covering so many cultures, and making a profit on the way, would be amazing.
  7. MarktheMagnificent

    Which Star Trek character are you most like?

    For the Trekkers amongst you, which character from Star Trek do you think you are most like (not looks but personality)? Despite my portrait, I would put myself in the Jean-Luc Picard mold.