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  1. Jern2017

    Buying FPs and GE Attempts slower?

    Hi, Has anyone noticed that, at least on mobile, buying FPs and GE Attempts is suddenly slower? I'm not talking about lag, there seems to be a short (less than a second) period of time where the buy button is greyed out until it can be pressed again. It's definitely noticeable when you try to...
  2. Jern2017

    Looking to buy ME goods

    Hello, I want to buy about 2k of each ME good. Please message me in-game if you can help. Thank you.
  3. Jern2017

    Do Not Suggest Jump from production buildings when canceling them

    Idea: We have a handy feature where you start productions in multiple buildings and it automatically jumps to the next building without you having to manually open each production building. I'd like to see this work when you cancel productions as well. Have you Checked the Ideas section for...
  4. Jern2017

    Contact Support FP collection issue

    For the third day in a row, I noticed I can't seem to collect from three or four buildings which have varied (SoH and level 2 SoKs today). I collect my city once a day and when I collect from a couple of these buildings, I do get the FPs in my bar, but they don't display if I donate them to a...
  5. Jern2017

    Confirmed Visual indicator for idle production buildings glitched

    The "zzz" indicator for when a production building is idle on the app version of the game sometimes isn't working as it should. There is only one "z" and it doesn't gently hover above the idle building. Android, latest version of the game. Not a big deal, just thought I'd share this.
  6. Jern2017

    Forwarded Show building stats from the new era before using a Renovation/One Up Kit

    Idea: When using a Renovation/One Up Kit, show the stats (attack/defense boost, coins, population...) of the building from the age you are trying to upgrade it to. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously...
  7. Jern2017

    Chat function in GBG (app)

    I just noticed there's a "chat" button available when you open the GBG map on mobile. Tapping it does nothing, I'm wondering if this is an upcoming feature or perhaps a bug?
  8. Jern2017

    Will Not Fix Strip function in RM not working as it used to

    I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I can't seem to drag my finger across the screen to strip buildings anymore to quickly strip sections of my city. I need to tap on each building separately in order for it to work. Android, latest version of the game installed.
  9. Jern2017

    CE Tech block

    I'm in the PME. I've reached the CE tech block (research Stress Management). Yesterday, I went ahead and conquered the TE Continent Map to get more expansions. I got three TE side quests: Gadgeteer (which I aborted as it required me to produce TE resources), one that I completed but can't...
  10. Jern2017

    Not A Bug App freezes

    Since the latest update (1.177), the game freezes a couple of times per day. I spoke with a friend and he told me he's experiencing it too. Anyone else? I have the Android version.
  11. Jern2017

    Drag to build roads on mobile?

    I was just building roads and noticed you can now drag to build them instead of tapping to build the road tiles one by one. Was this changed in the latest update? I can't find any mention of it in the changelog, but I wasn't able to do this last week.
  12. Jern2017

    Add the ability to drag roads when placing them

    Proposal: Add the ability to drag tiles when building roads in your city. Current system: Currently, you place a road tile and then, you need to click/tap on an arrow to add each additional road tile in a certain direction. Details: Instead of clicking/tapping to build each tile...
  13. Jern2017

    The future of DCs?

    Do you think the rewards from Daily Challenges can be made more exciting? For more advanced players, FPs are likely the only truly useful thing they can get and certain buildings (Cherry Garden set, premium buildings...) are good as Antiques Dealer fodder, but what about new buildings or...
  14. Jern2017

    Looking for an Arc swap buddy

    I just built the Arc and I have people taking the top spots at 1.80. I still need someone with a low level Arc to swap FP with as I will be needing BPs. If you're interested, please send me a friend invite or leave your name here and I'll add you. I can do about 40 FP per day.
  15. Jern2017

    Can't plunder - FP bar full

    I've been actively plundering for quite some time. It always seemed plundering FPs is the same as collecting them in my city - if the bar has 100 or more FPs, you cannot plunder more FPs until you spend enough FPs that the bar has 99 or less on. Lately, however, I've been noticing something...
  16. Jern2017

    Selling PME goods

    I have PME goods for sale, send me a message in-game if you're interested.
  17. Jern2017

    Button to remove injured units from the attacking army slots

    Proposal: Introduce a button which allows you to remove all injured units from the attacking army slots in the army managenent tab. Current system: Currently, you need to remove each injured unit from the attacking army slots separately. Details: Players who fight a lot can do hundreds of...
  18. Jern2017

    Unable to attack from event history

    Since the last update, I am unable to attack a player from the battle event history. I tap on the swords icon next to their name in event history and when the army management window opens, it looks like this (see the attachment below) and I can't attack them. Can anyone please try to attack...
  19. Jern2017

    Units/their health not displaying correctly

    I've been noticing this bug since the last update. On the battlefield, sometimes the unit in the unit bar in the middle of the screen doesn't match the unit whose turn it is. Also, sometimes, it shows the unit whose turn it is as injured, even though it is not. See the two attached photos. I...
  20. Jern2017

    CE Missile Artillery

    I got 2x Missile Artillery from a story quest. They seem terrible, as they get removed from the battlefield after their first attack. Is there any specific scenarios where they are useful, or are they generally considered as useless units?