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  1. The1Reaper

    Guild/Guild mates gets rewarded for....

    So say a guild mate buys a diamond package either it be a $20 package diamonds or the $200 package of diamonds then the guild mated and/or the guild would be rewarded for them making a the purchase and would either get something like Forge points, goods, troops etc. This would be a great...
  2. The1Reaper

    [Question] GVG Database?

    Does anyone know of a forge of empires database that you can tell details for players besides the one below? https://www.forge-db.com/us/us11/?server=us11&world=Langendorn
  3. The1Reaper


    How does one simply change hoods. I know it it things like donating to the guild, fighting etc but what can I do to change hoods faster?
  4. The1Reaper

    [Question] GVG mobile?

    When is GVG going to be added to mobile? It sucks for someone like me who is on mobile 100% of the time and in a very active guild to not be able to help with gvg and id really like to know how much longer us mobile plays have to wait for it to be added to mobile. Thanks in advance
  5. The1Reaper

    Xbox One/ PS4

    I think it would be a great ideal to have this game brought (forge of empires) to Xbox One and PS4! It would open it to a whole new group of people.
  6. The1Reaper

    Looking for new friends/Aiders

    I am a daily aider and I am looking for new friends who will aid back. I am also willing to do FP swaps on any GB you want them on. Game user name is same as on the forums.