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  1. ITown

    Bored of FOE

    I've been playing on and off since 2012 and lately the game has lost its ability to feel fresh and interesting. New ages/eras used to come out every 5 months. Part one of Oceanic came out more than 13 months ago from today. And still no sign of the new era even on beta. On top of that, GE is...
  2. ITown

    Why is this a thing? (Crew Upgrades)

  3. ITown

    Pictures of your favorite cities

    Post 'em here! I'll start:
  4. ITown


    No reason to play: - No value in advancing - GB donations take forever - GvG is boring - Endless repetitive events - GE is stale - Fighting is laggy If it weren't for chat I'd be ready to quit this game for good. But even that is barely keeping me here. The game needs something fresh.
  5. ITown

    GB encyclopedia update

    Proposal Update the GB encyclopedia with the AO and Seed Vault info. Current System (if applicable) GB encyclopedia ends with Gaea Statue. Details I find the GB encyclopedia much more informative and easy to find than Inno's FOE wiki. If it's not updated soon I will start visiting the forums...
  6. ITown

    Improve harbor interface

    Proposal Add info to the display to show what the ship health will be after the ship returns from the journey. Add this info to the ship tab (where you can see the threshold lines) (90%, 70%, etc) Current System (if applicable) Currently, you cannot see what the ship health will be relative to...
  7. ITown

    Winter Event covers up the ranking button

    Hi, it's extremely hard to view the ranking boards now, thanks to the winter event. Anything within the red lines counts as clicking on the winter event shop. As you can see, this makes it nearly impossible to view the ranking boards.
  8. ITown

    What's this G stand for?

    I recently reached 1 billion coins, so I expected my coin total to say "1000M" or "1B", but I wasn't expecting "1G" What's it stand for? 1 gazillion?
  9. ITown

    [Question] Inventory Tabs

    Why are there separate tabs for: Buildings Packages Gifts Seems like they are all adequately summarized under "All Items"
  10. ITown

    Repeal and Replace GvG

    Proposal: Periodically reset GvG. Give rewards to the guilds who have the highest ranking in each age and the highest ranking overall. Remove GvG battle points from battle towers and move them to new GvG towers. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is...
  11. ITown

    Great Buildings - Automatic Age Upgrade

    Proposal Make great building bonuses that currently have no age scaling such as happiness, coins, supplies scale based on age. Current System Certain great building bonuses currently have no scaling whatsoever while others do. Examples of things that scale: goods from collection, gvg goods...
  12. ITown

    [Guide] One Lane vs Two Lane Comparison

    I figured since there are so many different one lane and two lane buildings to choose from (for housing, production, and happiness) it was about time to do a complete analytical examination of the buildings, using PME roads and boulevards as the basis for comparison. Beginning with the Future, I...
  13. ITown

    Fel-Dranghyr timeline

    Would be cool if we could put together a timeline of the major events that happened on this world (outside of updates) probably the focus would be on top guilds and perhaps top players. Anyone interested in helping me put together a timeline?
  14. ITown

    [Question] connecting roads to a GB

    Why is it that passive bonuses such as happiness and attack/defense bonuses are only provided to a city when a GB is connected, yet Babel's passive population bonus is provided regardless of whether or not it's connected?
  15. ITown

    [Guide] GvG - goods costs per siege

    Siege #Goods Cost (per good) 15 210 315 420 530 645 760 880 9100 10125 11155 12190 13230 14275 15320 16380 17440 18510 19585 20670 21760 22860 23965 241085 251215 261350 271500 281655 edit: here's the formula: where y = siege army number - 1
  16. ITown

    Wrong Damage Being Dealt

    First time it happened, I thought perhaps it was me who was at fault. But it's clearly not. When I am battling, I am VERY frequently seeing the wrong damage being dealt to an enemy unit. Two examples from my last fight: My ballista says it deals 5-7 damage to archers. It took 3 shots to kill...
  17. ITown

    A rant, and a solution to 150% attack

    I also posted this on the other server I play on (en) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- There's actually a very easy solution to the problems associated with 150% attack being overpowered in the past. Preface...
  18. ITown

    GvG - My thoughts

    As far as I know, there's no "Feedback" section for these forums, so I guess this is the best place to post this. I'll just preface this by saying that I experienced GvG to a minor extent on beta, and to a greater extent on the en server over the past week, and what I experienced there gave me...
  19. ITown

    [Troulope] Different sector values

    Why is one sector in Troulope worth 3x as much as the others? http://prntscr.com/2b6kw9 <-- 4500 coins reward. Army: 4 dragoons, 4 grenadiers http://prntscr.com/2b6lc5 <-- 1500 supplies reward. Army: 4 muskets, 2 dragoons, 1 grenadier, 1 field gun http://prntscr.com/2b6lpj <-- 1500 supplies...