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  1. Just An Observer

    Pirate's Hideout motivation changed?

    Very strange. My special event and settlement buildings all get aid. Why would Pirate's Hideout be unable to get the aid?
  2. Just An Observer

    Pirates Hideout worth the space?

    Interesting to see your POV being one of time management for placing the FP generators. It is a good option for those who do not have enough clock to work with but want the FP's that you came up with!
  3. Just An Observer

    Pirates Hideout worth the space?

    Impressive look but the FP count can be achieved or bettered in a GBG session (one reset to the next reset). Better to use space for A/D than FP production is the city building strategy which seems to be the most popular.
  4. Just An Observer

    Explaining Unrefined Goods

    Add in Seed Vault for producing an era's goods a la CF.
  5. Just An Observer

    New Issue Game will not allow me to reach the main menu

    INNO should give everyone 100 Diamonds for this messup.
  6. Just An Observer

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    This event rained Sentinels like no other. A+ for that. The main building is quite good. A+ for that. Other prizes were decent besides the FP's. They were quite sparse. Once I learned how to play the game, it was not that hard. All in all I thought this was a good event for me.
  7. Just An Observer

    Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    I will get the Envoy which gives a FP and pass on the rest.
  8. Just An Observer

    New Issue Friends Tavern issue

    Same here. Good ol' German engineering...LOL!
  9. Just An Observer

    Unformatted How about something like a PvP equivalent for Negotiations?

    PvP rewards Fighting. What we do not have in this game is a stand alone feature which lets one get rewards for Negotiations.
  10. Just An Observer

    New Issue friends tavern shows full but cant collect

    My Tavern count is not working well. Sometimes I check it when the number is 0 and find several players inside. Sometimes I clear the Tavern when the actual number is showing but the number does not reset.
  11. Just An Observer

    Mughal Empire Cultural Settlement Feedback

    Even if the main building is not so hot, getting more good Envoys for one's Town Hall counts as a win.
  12. Just An Observer

    GB Plan For Trading-Only City

    SMB + Chateau + HC = Recursion.
  13. Just An Observer

    [Question] shrine of knowledge...how many is too many...

    If you play GBG in a Big Dog guild, then just one SoK is too much. 10 FP's from 5 Level 2 SoK's as compared to simply getting 10 FP's from GBG is why I say what I am saying.
  14. Just An Observer

    Has anyone collected Wildlife currency from incidents?

    Coins have been found twice by me for small amounts. At least the number is not zero....LOL!
  15. Just An Observer

    Searching for an active Guild

    Miltonio does not have an Arc, Obs or Atom. That kills off any chance of being in a decent guild since a player needs to support their guild's treasury so those camps can be built for GBG. Once that is accomplished, then they have a shot at playing for the GBG prizes!
  16. Just An Observer

    Champions Retreat?

    For "slow" autobattle, I use 7 Rogues = 1 Champion. You start the battle manually, park the Champion in a corner, then turn on the autobattle. In hand I have 6 filled up Rogue's Dens plus a large pile of unattached Champions with my era being EMA. The A/D number is 400/378. How I use them...
  17. Just An Observer

    We need new rewards in GE

    Face/Gate could use more ways to get the Level 2 kits. So far all I see for a chance to get those kits is on one spot found on Level 4 of GE. If the Relics provided some help, that would sure be nice!
  18. Just An Observer

    Already Suggested GE Do we need more Color/ gif ICON

    One could say the same thing for the Flying Island icon in Settlements. We need more color/brightness contrast!
  19. Just An Observer

    [Question] shrine of knowledge...how many is too many...

    As I move along in the game, SoK's get replaced by Face/Gate Level 2's. Right now I am down to five SoK Level 2's.