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  1. Odd green (radiation) hit in Oceanic future battles

    https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Manta Poison 50 chance of poisoning unit it attacks. Poisoned units lose 1 HP every turn.
  2. New Issue Guild Expedition - Level IV (4) - Encounter 4 rewards incorrect

    This appears to be resolved with update 1.213; I have observed the behavior to no longer occur across my five cities/worlds.
  3. Several aspects of the ship in Arctic Future confuse me. Please try to clarify for me.

    If you have sufficient goods on hand you won't have to pay diamonds to repair the ship. On occasion it won't take enough damage to even allow you to repair it upon return. The exchange is pretty random, but what I tend to do is treat it like a poker machine at the casino; "hold" the best 1-2...
  4. [Question] Changing Email Address

    I think the real key is that you previously mentioned that support had to do something years ago to help adjust your account. If you can reiterate that to support in a ticket, perhaps they can see if they have any manual overrides in place. It sounds just like a forum issue I had for an MMO...
  5. [Question] Negotiantions

    The only thing I detest about negotiations is that (in GE at least . . . no clue about elsewhere) they can request special goods (promethium, orichalcum, etc.) but those special goods are never rewarded in GE chests or from GE relics. I simply won't use special goods in negotiations since they...
  6. The Arc

    Any given great building will appear in the menu when you have at least one blueprint for said building. In order for you to obtain a blueprint for a particular great building in an era beyond your own, you need to aid/plunder a building of that era (Future) and hope to get lucky or get awarded...
  7. Event Hub Feedback

    I'm just hoping when the year rolls over we get all the prior year's earned boosts for a month or something else special (e.g. unique boost that is more powerful the more yearly boosts you earned to that point). Not all of the boosts are useful to me (frankly almost all of the boosts have been...
  8. New Issue Non-random random quest rewards

    There is something very likely to be a bug happening with random quest rewards. Background: I keep track of my recurring quests in each of my five cities (one each per five different worlds). The purpose of tracking is to note when I get the unique diamond reward, at which point I generally...
  9. Feedback for update 1.210

    Well, you could click/drag (or click anywhere in the text box, then press ctrl+a) to highlight the contents of the searchbox, then hit delete or backspace . . . that would save you a little time I suppose. Also, it is dynamic, so you don't need to hit the search button at any time . . . if you...
  10. Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    I didn't care for this last year, and I'm not a fan this year. Sheer randomness is fine. Sheer randomness injected with 75 people competing against each other for luck amongst luck is not fun.
  11. Bronze Age RQ for infinite resources?

    It will reappear only if you have under a certain amount of each (half or less of the quest requirement of each line? I think). I haven't messed around with those in a lot of ages because of how annoying it is to delete units every time I want to try to trigger it.
  12. Pirates Hideout worth the space?

    I intend to place it, but none of the chain bits . . . they are all-around worse (or same . . . so why get replacements) than the vineyard equivalents.
  13. FPs invested in GBs belonging to Inactive Players.

    Not in the way you're implying. You could pay the balance of what is required to complete the current level of the building, but odds are that is usually going to cost you more than it is worth.
  14. New Issue Pirate's Hideout collection - missing forge points

    I think you must be assuming the daily chance items are all to be collected? I can't come up with the numbers you are giving. For example in my main OF world, there is a 40% daily chance to receive 40 forge points on the max level building, but ZERO forge points are guaranteed unless I attach...
  15. Guild goods

    If it is for the guild expedition, click the line item from the list (NOT the dropdown), and it will prefill the amount you need to donate to meet the unlock requirement for that particular good. If it is zero, you don't need to donate more at this time.
  16. Expansions

    Expansions are not really that hard to acquire, provided you continue to advance in eras at a reasonable pace and continue to clear the continent map for the expansions there. I can see people that are sticking in one era too long having space issues, but aside from that not really - just...
  17. Research question

    I'm sure they could choose to program changes over time if they wish, but I wouldn't expect it to happen. If you want to compare various eras, there is a little grey bar graph button in the upper-left of the research screen ("Research Costs"). If you click that and scroll with the arrows at...
  18. [Question] Two-Lane Road

    It is probably fine; there is currently a bug related to this that is slated to be fixed shortly. If you refresh your game it should not throw the error anymore.
  19. [Question] Losing prometheum points

    Are you certain you are not using them to negotiate (guild expedition, for example)?
  20. Upcoming Changes to Diamond Packages Feedback

    https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/17-494_j4el.pdf TLDR; states can (and now most do) impose sales tax for internet-based purchases. The rule prior to the 2018 decision was such that states could do so only if the company had a physical presence in their state; that is no longer a...