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  1. Lancer

    New Issue Decrease in amount of goods shown as next GBs' reward for increasing to the next level.

    These are what I noticed today when I logged on to my much less active world of Yorkton...
  2. Lancer

    Interested in joining a smaller/active guild?

    I'm seeking several more people that are interested in being apart of our guild. You must remain active and contribute with GE, GBG isn't a requirement but we do encourage you to help there whenever possible, after you have contributed to GE first. We help each other in every way possible...
  3. Lancer

    Thoughts about forum enhancement

    I've noticed how the forum is growing rapidly and everything seems to become ever more difficult to use it successfully. I have been fully aware of the fact that the forum is in need of a deeply refined and updated policy and guidelines. The basics will always stay but improvements can be...
  4. Lancer

    Starting a new world; Which would you choose?

    I'm starting my first new city since I began playing 3 years ago. I'm kind of stuck in a endless cycle of leveling many GBs. To prevent any further boredom and with having a much broader sense of game strategy, if you was to do this, which would you choose? I'm in Jaims by the way.
  5. Lancer

    Would you delete GB Colosseum if you needed the space it is taking up?

    My Colosseum is only a level 2 or 3. The lowest of 11 or 12 GBs in my main (only) world. The space being used by it doesn't seem to be worth the rewards that I gain from keeping it. Would you delete it to get that used space back or not? Thoughts? Anyone? Thanks, Lancer
  6. Lancer

    Contest: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be? Fictional and non-fictional

    JANUARY CONTEST!! You may only make one entry every week and your last answer will be the one that counts. 3 winners will be chosen every week. If we have over 100 entries 5 winners will be chosen every week. Winners will be chosen every week for 4 weeks. One grand prize winner will be...
  7. Lancer

    How much coins/supplies does your most active city produce in 24 hours?

    Mine is in Jaims at modern era. I currently acquire 785,000 coins in 24 hours and 210,000 supplies in 24 hours. This thread is meant to just see how well some cities are doing compared to the age that they are. You can state your world if you like as well.