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  1. Graviton

    Timers and Reconstruction Mode

    In a thread that was closed yesterday a claim was made that when you move set buildings in RM their 24-hour timer resets. This is false, the timer does not reset. I was crafting a response to that point when that thread was closed but I didn't want that misconception floating around out there...
  2. Graviton

    GE End-of-Level Behavior

    Not sure if this is a bug or there's a pattern that I haven't noticed, but the game's behavior is different at times at the end of a GE level when there are still active relics on the map. Sometimes I'll get the popup to play the next level and sometimes I won't. It doesn't really matter which...
  3. Graviton

    Upgrade Mechanic

    I love the new mechanic that allows us to use multiple upgrade kits without going back into the Inventory! However I have found a bug: I had 4 upgrade kits, but only two buildings available for upgrade. After I used the second kit, the cursor remained in 'upgrade' mode even though there were...
  4. Graviton

    A Good Day

    Time to buy some lottery tickets I think.
  5. Graviton

    Event Table Shows Full Stars

    After claiming a Grand Prize this morning, the stars on the Event Table didn't clear. Unless I keep track of how many stars I've won with each selection, I don't know how many are left for the next Grand Prize. Refreshing the browser cleared the problem.
  6. Graviton

    Game Freezes in GE

    Here's the behavior I've seen, on two different servers, Noarsil and Qunrir: I defeated a GE ecounter and clicked on the treasure chest. Nothing happened, I received no pop-up to tell me what I won and the game didn't adjust to center the next encounter. When I exited GE back to the game my...
  7. Graviton

    Add the Ability to Search Set Names in Inventory

    Proposal Add the ability to search the inventory for sets by name (Cherry Blossom, Indian Palace, etc.) Current System (if applicable) Currently searches can only be done on the name of the item itself but not the group or set to which it belongs. Details This proposal would allow inventory...
  8. Graviton

    Modify 'Buildings' Tab in Inventory Window

    Apologies if this has been suggested before, an admittedly cursory search turned up nothing similar. Proposal Add new tabs to the Inventory Window to more easily sort items at a glance; OR add sort functionality to Buildings tab. Current System Currently there are five tabs (All Rewards...
  9. Graviton

    No GE Reward Popup

    This occurred twice on B-world and once on L-world. When I clicked on a relic on the GE map, no popup appeared to tell me what I just won. It seems that I'm still getting the reward, as I noticed in one case that when I returned to my city I had 10 more FPs than I had before. But don't know...