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  1. Do Not Suggest "RETRO KIT"

    Understood, and agree. This may be archived as "not gonna happen".
  2. Unformatted Preset Armies

    Allow us to set up 2 different army compositions. 1-click would auto populate the queue with desired FULL HEALTH units if available. This would speed up the process of selecting troops for battle, replacing wounded troops for battle, and altering set-up for counters. This would be extremely...
  3. Do Not Suggest "RETRO KIT"

    Retro kits would operate similar to one-up or reno kits. They would allow any NON great building to be returned to any age lower than the players current one. All rewards would be reverted to the selected age stats. Reason for the this is to get lower age goods. Being able to select what age...
  4. Unformatted Progress tracker for GE

    Have a simple 64/64 progress tracker above the ship for GE. This would help remind you to do it, let you know how many are available, and also show when you have completed it. When on multiple worlds I often forget which ones I have finished GE. Having a progress tracker would save time and...