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  1. New Issue Servers still down

    Same problem. Used different browsers, none work. Hope we'll get an extension for the Fall Event. Had one quest left to do to get the final Golden Crops upgrade.
  2. A Search

    Thanks for joining, SentientMachine :-) We'd love to have at least one more person join, so that our efforts in GE and GbG can count for trophies/prestige in future! So if you're looking for a quiet, peaceful place to learn the ins & outs of your game, with no pressure, and friendly chat IF you...
  3. Ripper Street Needs You!

    Ripper Street guild is for those who don't play all the time and would just like a safe and relaxed place to learn aspects of the game, try your luck in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battlegrounds and who would eventually like to enjoy guild benefits (forge point-free trading, faster build time...
  4. A Search

    I'm searching for a couple of active folk who would like the benefits of being in a small guild for guild benefits, without the pressure of performance. Guild trades, winning some guild power in GE, shared knowledge and growing together is what I'm after, but not spending all your time and...