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  1. LF Active guild

    Looking For an Active Guild. Preferably one that trades points on the Great Buildings.
  2. unrefined goods

    If you need the Ferrocrete, try trading for it. the wire is the material good needed to make the thing, the rock is the deposit. don't build any goods building you dont have the deposit for. make lots of the goods of the ones you do (there are Great Buildings that produce Base goods of your...
  3. unrefined goods

    it works mostly like how making any other goods works. you need to reach the age and research the building(s) then you pick the one(s) you have the deposits for and build them. in making the goods, when you pick a time it will tell you it costs X to make the goods. with X being coin and...
  4. unrefined goods

    Un-refined goods are regualr goods from earlier ages. once you hit modern age intead of goods taking a cost of just coin and supplies, they also take goods (and having a deposit of a different good apparently) for example: to make Luxury Martials you need a cost of Porcelain (the same amount...
  5. hello i am new to FOE and i have a question

    I assume your asking what amount of time to set your supply buildings on. Right at the start, i would suggest 15 minutes. Set, collet, repeat. Once you get far enough in that your Coin Buildings produce on the Hour, switch to that. as for how to quickly rack up coins and supplies, maybe use...
  6. Looking for an Active Guild.

    As it seem the guild I joined after being ..away stagnant (and stagnation is death) Looking for a new one that has: Large number of Active Members Trade of Points on GB and trade of Goods. preferably a decent guild level.
  7. Returning Player Looking for Guild

    Long time player looking for a High Level casual Guild with lots of members. can contribute points, but dont do battle much.