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  1. Lords & Ladies Guild is Recruiting Active Members

    The Lords & Ladies guild is new and we are looking for active members that wish to join in the Expedition and Battlegrounds. Check us out. You can also message me if you want to know more. Cheers me Hardies!
  2. [Question] What determines what you can sell to the Antique Dealer?

    Why can I not sell certain items to the Antique Dealer? I have several Botanical Rotunda's that I do not need, yet I cannot sell them at the Antique Dealer. What determines the items that can be sold?
  3. Celtic Pirates Looking For Members

    Hello all. We at the Celtic Pirates are looking for new active members. We are a fairly new guild (less than six months) but have been active in the expedition and Guild Battlegrounds. We like to help each other whenever possible. If you would like to get in and help a new guild grow, we...
  4. Automated Rouge Combat

    When I am attacked by an army that has 6 rouges and two aerial units, the AI seems to default my 8 unit aerial army to shoot the rouges first. This is BS since if you eliminate the two aerial units, the rouges are destroyed with one shot each. This allows players with millions of points to...