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  1. WearyBrawler2992

    Flag with no Adjoining Sectors Revisited

    I saw this was reported last year and marked as addressed, but it either wasn't fixed or has come back. Today we had a guild (purple in the screenshot) get their attack cut off but the flag remained. That flag has persisted through two ownership changes between my guild (white) and the guild...
  2. WearyBrawler2992

    Confirmed Message Center Spacing Issue

    Thread posts generated on PC, single spaced, appear as one line on Mobile. Conversely, posts generated on mobile single spaced, appear double spaced on PC. Example (from a 1.9 lock thread): PC Player 1 Zeus 3 2 Player 2 CDM 2 Player 3 Traz 2 1 Appears on Mobile as Player 1 Zeus 3 2Player 2 CDM...