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  1. Sharmon the Impaler

    Constantly moving the bar in the tech tree in later eras

    How many times is Inno going to increase the goods needed to complete the SAAB and SAV tech trees? A month ago it was about 8K of each good , then it was 10K of each good 2 weeks after that and now I looked this morning and it is about 12K of each good. Is this supposed to make the game more fun...
  2. Sharmon the Impaler

    Egyptian specific roadmap anyone ?

    Hi , I am looking for a walk through of the general idea for the fastest way to get through a round in Egypt. I tried following MooingCat but it was 1 step forward and 3 steps back in this 3 hour monstrosity and I couldn’t make any sense of it. Preferably written out and not a video please.
  3. Sharmon the Impaler

    Combat on mobile ?

    I tried to figure it out but something is not working. How to you select a position to move an attacking unit and once it's there select the target to attack ? I tried double tapping, swiping , etc but it just seems to work on auto battle which is pretty useless. Any tutorial specific to this ...
  4. Sharmon the Impaler

    Maximum usable Att boost ?

    I am currently at 1350/985 and was looking for the maximum usable boost to get. Is there a point where the return is nil or very close to it ? Thank you