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  1. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] Player of the Progressive Era, to have Tanks of the Modern Era ??

    Hi to all ;) World: (Yorkton) Someone knows how to explain, how is it possible for a player in the Progressive Era prntscr.com/jldhkc , to have Battle Tanks of the Modern Era ??? prntscr.com/jldfyh and prntscr.com/jldo6o and prntscr.com/jldotd
  2. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] * Question about Promethium*

    Where is the menu of the special goods Promethium To access my Promethium that I kept??? prntscr.com/ef8f5o
  3. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] what is this ???

    what is this :mad: ???? Prntscr.com/ecxv94 when I go up the level of my Great Buildings Attack More difficulty I have in the Guild Expedition and Continent Map I do not understand, my guild mates have lower GEs level and they can do more fights in Guild Expedition :(
  4. zecarlosfenix


    Sorry now it's ok ;)
  5. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] What is this 35%

    I love FoE, but there are things I will never understand I do not think it's fair:oops: What is this 35% and almost earn : Prntscr.com/dhwmlg I with 117% attack and 95% defense and almost lost the first battle I leave this question: why a Recon Raider unit with only 35% Easily destroys Behemoth...
  6. zecarlosfenix

    why ??

    I love FoE, but this game defies my logic I say this because, why not understand:rolleyes: Why I lose so many combat units in Expedition Guild ?? in the beginning it was easy , now is very very hard, I can not do more than 29 encounters I try in every way, with Rogues, Champions Retreat etc...
  7. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] Question

    Hi good game for everyone ;) I play Dunarsund and please I need to explain to me. some things which not make sense to me ... Is as follows: Cattales player currently has , 167 fights 7,780,313 points in PvP tournament in ( The Future the tower ) see fotoprint ...
  8. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] Guild Expedition

    Is the last time I write here in the Forum USA server World D but I have some questions: two fotoprints, see photo please... Enemy defense units : My army : I wonder why I lose this fight ?? but, I have more percentage of attack and defense, I tried all combinations - Roges -...
  9. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] why ???

    something is very wrong in my account put option lists of friends my avatar has 5105.347 points prntscr.com/bw8wgg move to the Guild list my Avatar has 5124.517 points prntscr.com/bw8vnx and with this and other situations of the same type my climb is slow, very slow all my friends...
  10. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] Why do I get a few points ??

    I have about a year to climb very slowly Why ?? I am an active player ,I login every day , I enter PvP tournament every week do not understand .. Today I climbed my Castle del Monte to level 14 and therefore have gained only 500 points this is normal ?? :(
  11. zecarlosfenix

    [Question] bad luck ??

    For God's sake 15 shots 1 goal, already gave up five Worlds :( I do not understand is always the same players to win :(
  12. zecarlosfenix


    Someone I can explain, why I below punctuation and not go up ???? in "Dunarsund" I do not delete anything in my city ... I am active player ... participate in Guild Expedition ...:(
  13. zecarlosfenix


    I love this game, but sometimes I'm unlucky:confused: Anybody know explain me ,why ,when I collect the daily bonus the Town hall ,sometimes not gain the eggs ??:( This has happened to me three times !! in World Dunarsun and Tuulech !! Good game for all ;)
  14. zecarlosfenix

    Diamonds ???

    I play in (Dunarsund) and (Houndsmoor) I gained diamonds in Events: Casino of Summer and now the Jack O'Lantern Why diamonds were taken from me ?? Thank you :hmph:
  15. zecarlosfenix

    statue of Zeus

    Hi got my statue of Zeus, the level 5, why only this to give 20% attack and defense..Why?