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  1. Delete FOE account

    How do I delete my for account? (Not the forum, the whole thing?)
  2. Antiques dealer

    I just bought the 10 of each production items for your age item from auction and did not receive my 10 of each production items.is there a glitch with the auction house?
  3. Winter event quest line bullcrap

    Ok so I was finally able to just barely defeat this moderate army battle for the winter event quest line only to be thrust into another frickin battle which I of course lost because I only had one injured troop left vs 3 so of course I couldn't compete the quest. wtf devs?
  4. 0.1 Trades in market

    Whoever has posting these nonsense trades please stop. Thanks
  5. Join Free and Helpful

    Active guild! Lots of helpful posts from our guild leader! No matter what guild you join, market trades with guild members don't charge you forge points! Yay!