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  1. Goods Vendor

    Hello! I am looking for a goods dealer, someone who sells goods in exchange for FP. Does anyone know someone? I’ve messaged high level players, as suggested by other forum posts. No one knows what I mean. Send me a message in the game, please! And thank you!
  2. Arc goods needed!

    Hello Mgoraz! I’m interested in a goods dealer, cant find you on the game. Find me
  3. St. Patrick's Day 2020 Event Feedback

    Seriously, no kick back for purchased Pots O Gold??? I had 1100 pots o gold on my game, purchased because I was enjoying the game, figured I’d get to spend my leftovers on chests, was at 5.4Q an hour before time. No way to time out, even speeding it only upped it 1.Q. Had 880 gold on my 2nd...