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  1. Ferrarimaster2

    Looking for Traz prints

    Looking for Traz prints on K world.
  2. Ferrarimaster2

    I’d like to see city progress

    I’ve been playing since January 15th, 2020. I have a lvl 80 Arc and am in Industrial with 7,150,00 points and I’d like to see how others have progressed in the time they’ve played.
  3. Ferrarimaster2

    Unformatted Portraits in earlier eras

    I have realized that in earlier eras there are no portraits in research like there are in OF, VF, SAM, etc. I would like to see a few portraits sprinkled in earlier era’s research tree and possibly as a reward for moving up eras.
  4. Ferrarimaster2

    Do Not Suggest Do not allow such a wide range of neighbors

    I find that it can be very hard on low players with say, 100k points, being in the same neighborhood with someone with 50M points. I believe that the neighborhood should have some sort of way to manage neighbors by not just era, but amount of points as well. I would like to know y’all’s opinion...
  5. Ferrarimaster2

    Trade thread sign up

    I have started a trade thread with multiple experienced player that will happily help you with a all your goods needs! Post here if you want to join!
  6. Ferrarimaster2

    Unformatted Tavern Upgrades

    Could there be new tavern upgrades? I would love if there would be new tavern upgrades, it would give it a new look. (Ex. Table cloth, tray, floors, etc.)
  7. Ferrarimaster2

    Do Not Suggest A new Great Building

    A great building that would give a chance of getting a reward when you finish a mission. (Ex: Story quest, daily challenge, etc.)
  8. Ferrarimaster2

    Mount Killmore Best Guilds

    Post what YOU think is the best guild in Mount Killmore!
  9. Ferrarimaster2

    Looking for someone that has Contemporary Era goods

    I have 13k TE goods (preservatives) and I am looking to trade further down. Can anyone help?