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  1. [Question] Medals

    How, can you get more medals for a newer player I really really really need more because I need one spot for my pirates hideout (Summer Event 2021) And it would be ever more beneficial to my mental well being
  2. [Question] Negotiantions

    How do negotiations work is there any skill when it comes to the or is it entirely luck-based (just guessing)
  3. [Question] Forge Points

    Should I spend My forge points on Reasearch or My GB Oracle of Delphi
  4. Is it better to Do Shorter time lengths or longer when it comes to matterials

    Is it better to produce materials that take longer but u get more or Materials that give u less but faster for a player who doesn't really ever get off the game
  5. [Question] Submissions for the compotitions

    Where can I put my sumbissions into the compotition
  6. [Question] Selling my Buildings.

    Should I sell my buildings when I get a new age.
  7. Im on here alot but recourses how do you get em Fast

    I literally can't do anything for like another day or 2 and the Army I'm trying to attack is Insane What should I do
  8. The teddy bear thing for halloween event

    Hello Ik this prob won't be worth it but my Red-eyed teddy bear quest wont work
  9. Easiest way to get Money

    Uh I'm trying to get passed a quest and I have to wait like 30 mins to get 100 Like huh