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  1. Galechade

    Come join our League of Destiny

    We are a GVG guild and expect everyone to actively support that effort. We are a fun group who enjoy each others company. We may be wild and crazy but we will always be respectful of one another and support one another. We are a family. We fight hard and we play hard. If you are interested in...
  2. Galechade

    Not A Bug Birds, Bunnies and Deer

    I can see them just fine on H world on the EN server and on B world on the US server, but somebody stole them all away on C world on the US server. There are none to be found in my city, but my guildies all have them. I've tried three different computers in IE, Waterfox and Chrome. Still no...
  3. Galechade

    Not A Bug Neighborhood changing daily

    US server, Brisgard. Logged on Monday morning to see the neighborhood had changed as expected. We are a fairly new group so we ranged from 200-5000 in points. Logged on Tuesday morning to a new addition to our hood at over 30,000 points. Wednesday morning two more had been added ranging from...