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  1. DadLander

    FoE Math - Subtly Precise

    Consider the following BA challenge: “pick the best production building” Fruit Farm 130 production in 1 hour Pottery 50 production in 1 hour Blacksmith 32 production in 1 hour The numbers do not lie, the obvious answer is Fruit Farm - IF you do not consider the Real Estate: Fruit...
  2. DadLander

    Where is my Friends Tavern?

    I finished researching [Construction] technology and the graphic says it unlocks Friends Tavern. Where is it??? Ok, I have read the announcements and I know the game has been updated so the Friends Tavern is unlocked with {Brewery]. As a virtual toddler (Iron Age) who is trying to help a...
  3. DadLander

    This game is brilliant!

    FoE: This game is brilliant! First, FoE is more than one “ing” (fighting, trading or building). It is a blend of multiple “ings” (researching, building, trading, producing, friending, negotiating, fighting and the big one waiting). To be successful a player must develop a strategy that balances...