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  1. SpaceMinmi

    Recruiting members for my guild!

    My guild name is COLD STEEL and is level 36 nearly 37 and has 17 members. Message me in the message center for an invite!
  2. SpaceMinmi

    Unformatted Town hall producing diamonds due to a certain guild level

    I wish that our town halls could produce diamonds because of a guild level. If it can produce Forge Points why can't it produce diamonds? Please answer your feedback and vote.
  3. SpaceMinmi

    need friends

    hello if you play on this world and have a least 50,000 points please send me a friend request
  4. SpaceMinmi

    Not A Bug I can't change my city name and customize my profile text.

    Whenever I visit my profile I try to change my city name and change my profile text. Once changed I leave my town hall and then come back, but when I come back its the same old thing. Does anyone know how to help?