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  1. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] Best units for auto battling PE and up?

    What are the best units for auto batting Progressive age and up? And how much of an attack boost is good for auto battling in each age?
  2. Daniel The 4ger

    Already Suggested Changing Event Buildings

    Idea: Being able to change the event building type with the event buildings’ upgrade kit. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes I have checked and haven’t found anything similar. Reason...
  3. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] Old Ranking System

    I remember finding somewhere in this forum somebody has 1 quadrillion points or something! After they updated the ranking system the top person in my world is down to 900 million, how did the old ranking system count points??
  4. Daniel The 4ger

    Looking For A Guild On Jaims

    I am a newbie on Jaims and am looking for a guild. I won’t be able to complete any requirements yet, but if you help me grow a bit, I will be able to help you grow a lot.
  5. Daniel The 4ger

    The Habitat Remade In Minecraft

  6. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] How do I put spoilers?

    How do I put spoilers? And is it possible to put a picture in a spoiler?
  7. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] What does an AO set cost?

    What does an AO set cost?
  8. Daniel The 4ger

    1 Million

    We are all going to count up to 1 million 1
  9. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] Story quest suggestions?

  10. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] Hover tanks?

    So I heard that you can get hover tanks in an early age... can someone explain how to get them?
  11. Daniel The 4ger

    Would you rather

    How this is going to work is I’ll ask a would you rather and then I’ll pick a random person to do the next would you rather.
  12. Daniel The 4ger

    Today In History

    Did you know Martin Luther King Jr. said the speech “I Have A Dream” today? 8/28/2020
  13. Daniel The 4ger

    [Question] Is it possible to get units from the Map?

    Can you get any units or buildings in the map? Like in the EMA part you get the monastery, are there any other buildings you get later on?
  14. Daniel The 4ger

    What is your favorite car??

    What is your favorite car??
  15. Daniel The 4ger

    Top 100 Guild Recruiting!

    Stone Dragons is recruit Message We have 1: Nice Members! 2: Competitive Guild Mates! 3: Helpful Guild Mates! 4: A Great Guild! 5: A Great Leader Message Daniel The 4ger if you're interested in joining!
  16. Daniel The 4ger

    What is your favorite quest giver?

    What is your favorite quest giver?
  17. Daniel The 4ger

    What worlds are you on?

    I'm on Arvahall, Brisgard, and Xyr.
  18. Daniel The 4ger

    Do Not Suggest Picking Which Troops The Traz Produces

    Idea being able to pick what troops the traz produces. Reason Currently if you have just a rogue den it gives you rogues but if you have multiple military buildings it produces random troops. What if you could pick what troops the Traz produces? Abuse Prevention i don't see any Abuse...
  19. Daniel The 4ger

    Tell a joke!

    Tell a joke! Rules: 1: Has to be funny 2: Has to be appropriate 3: Make the jokes not offensive
  20. Daniel The 4ger

    Favorite Settlement?

    What is your favorite settlement and why?