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  1. Wrecking Crew Message Please Pass On

    Unable to log in. Please accept my apologies. Job Logged with Inno and am attempting to resolve. Mackay131.
  2. Note in Events Log of Alcatraz Collect

    Check your Unattached troops before and after. That being said the idea has merit and will be appreciated. +1
  3. More Observatory Prints in GE Level One

    Lower level players make demands indirectly on GE for goods via Treasury. Clearly there has been a change with introduction of GE, and ab intitio players are being excluded from some Guilds as they have requirement for Observatory for entry. My Guild has a shortfall in EMA goods and presently...
  4. More Observatory Prints in GE Level One

    Apologies for upsetting people. I thought the idea was reasonable and had merit.
  5. More Observatory Prints in GE Level One

    Proposal Making more Obs Prints as rewards available in GE Level One Details Increasing the probability of Observatory Prints as rewards in GE Level One. This will encourage lower level players to attempt GE and alleviate a Treasury Shortfall to allow opening of GE Levels. Abuse Prevention No...
  6. Announcements only on the first world you enter

    Then the message disappears ...
  7. Closing Announcement Thread

    Soccer Thread appears to have no method of removal as suggested in Previous Posts.
  8. neighbour abuse

    Be glad that you are not playing Evony. City emptied and a total wreck unable to function. City is in lala land and arrives back in the game away from your Alliance.
  9. Add a new prize in rotation as the final reward in GE

    Has merit. Encourages completion of GE which is beneficial for the Guild as a whole. +1
  10. Lost FPs on GBs when Player Retires

    Like this is about people leaving the Game Is it not?
  11. Closing Announcement Thread

    Maybe not ?
  12. Closing Announcement Thread

    Perhaps if the trash can appears after the thread is opened ...
  13. Lost FPs on GBs when Player Retires

    Or find three more players for Position 3, 4 & 5
  14. Convert to FP Pack prize

    To convert 100FPs or 200FPs into a pack sounds fine. +1
  15. Easier adding FP's on GB's

    Keeping it simple with 5 and 50 and 100 FPs buttons might be an easier fix.
  16. 5 and 50 Forge Point Buttons

    The only defense I may add is that my proposal is a "quick and easy" fix whereas typing in numbers makes a call on the system running the game and the code has to cope with several unique requests at a time, where a 5 and 50 will fit in underneath and will not require massive amounts of code to...
  17. Lost FPs on GBs when Player Retires

    Proposal That when a player retires from FoE, the remaining FPs on a GB re credited so that the FPs that are due to players are released. Current System (if applicable) FPs can become stranded if a player retires or leaves the Game with those who have contributed FPs to a GB in some cases...
  18. 5 and 50 Forge Point Buttons

    Apologies for that
  19. 5 and 50 Forge Point Buttons

    Proposal Adding new buttons so that players can gift 5 and 50 points without have to click several [five] times Current System (if applicable) The Current system has 10 and 1 FP buttons Details These buttons will be placed under the exist 1FP and 10FP buttons Abuse Prevention There appears to...
  20. Closing Announcement Thread

    Proposal Placing a trash box on all announcement thread Current System (if applicable) There is no method of removing a thread such as Mars Announcement which will stay for weeks Details Fitting a trash box will allow players to remove the Thread once it has been used applied or read Abuse...