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  1. Unfair trades

    I get that sometimes unfair trades are appropriate (for example when I acquired the goods for my Arc -Yay!). But I often see trade offers in the market that just don't seem to make sense for anybody to take. For example, I am currently seeing an offer of 90 wine for 60 gold. If it was possible...
  2. Rogue dens

    Looking ahead at the rewards for leveling up the castle, I see that ultimately, I will get 6 Rogue Dens. And of course, they come from other sources also. In addition, there's a seeming endless supply of Rogues from various sources. Just how many Rogue Dens do people actually need?
  3. PC vs. Mobile

    Normally I play on a tablet over a WiFi network. Tonight the WiFi is down so I logged in on a PC using the browser. Good grief, what a nightmare!!! And I'm not talking about just the different layout. Some of the basic functionality is different in a bad way. For example, when reviewing the...
  4. Tavern visitors who are not friends

    I just checked the tavern for one of my cities. I have a visitor who is not my friend (not that I mind), but how does this happen? I don't think he sat down and then decided to unfriend me...
  5. Set building bonuses

    Another newbie question here. With buildings that are part of a set, the bonuses are expressed as X if next to 1 other building in the set, Y if next to 2 others, Z if next to 3 etc. So if I place a set buildin
  6. Mountain Reserve

    Hi all, In the early days of my time playing, I managed to pick up 2 Mountain Reserve Upgrade kits, but no Mountain Reserve itself. Can I count on the Mountain Reserve showing up again sometime, or should I sell these at the Antique Dealer?
  7. Bonuses from Event Buildings

    In the current event, I have so far acquired several of the unique buildings, the Golden Crops and some upgrades, as well as 4 of the fields. I chose to install 2 Wheat Fields and 2 Primrose Blooms for the military bonuses associated with them. By my figuring, I should be getting 10% Defender...
  8. Can't give forge points to Great Building

    I was doing a scan for GB's to put FP's on. Found one that belongs to a Friend, it is currently Level 3, working on 4. I have FP's I could place on it, but the Use FP bars are both greyed out. Why would this be?
  9. 1.9 Threads

    Reading through the posts on the forum, I have seen a number of references to 1.9 Threads, which seems to have something to do with contributing Forge Points in an organized manner to maximize the benefits from leveling up Great Buildings. I have searched the Forum but have found no explanation...