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  1. Winter 2021 Feedback

    This is my strategy as well. Especially since the game is pure luck, with no strategy to it at all.
  2. Winter 2021 Feedback

    How about either making it snow or not? What is the point of it changing every time I do something?
  3. Winter 2021 Feedback

    Speaking of snow... Could you guys for Pete's sake decide whether it is snowing or not? The weather changes every 15 minutes are giving me visual whiplash....
  4. Unfair trades

    That would be a disadvantage to being in a 1 person guild. May I ask what are the advantages?
  5. Demanding Forge Points from Neighbors??

    Actually, that could be fun - get a group as large as possible who will attack/plunder him daily, and tell him why you are doing so. If you can, target his FP buildings for plundering. With a dozen or so people doing this, he should soon see the error of his ways. You could also put out the...
  6. Unfair trades

    That was pretty much my take on it. And yes, some players seem to have nothing better to do than spend their time creating these trades.
  7. Unfair trades

    Have you tried doing circle trades within your guild? That works like a charm for those quests.
  8. Unfair trades

    I get that sometimes unfair trades are appropriate (for example when I acquired the goods for my Arc -Yay!). But I often see trade offers in the market that just don't seem to make sense for anybody to take. For example, I am currently seeing an offer of 90 wine for 60 gold. If it was possible...
  9. 1.9 Threads

    Woo hoo!!! Got my first Arc up and running! Thank you all for the help and encouragement!
  10. 1.9 Threads

    That really doesn't sound bad. My current guild has several Arc's but most have yet to reach Lvl 80. I'll see what they can do for me.
  11. 1.9 Threads

    Checking in with an update and a follow-up question. I have since changed guilds and the current one has a few players engaged in a 1.9 thread, which I have been invited to participate in. I have 8/9 blueprints and am awaiting the results on three arcs which should level soon, two on the 1.9...
  12. Rogue dens

    Looking ahead at the rewards for leveling up the castle, I see that ultimately, I will get 6 Rogue Dens. And of course, they come from other sources also. In addition, there's a seeming endless supply of Rogues from various sources. Just how many Rogue Dens do people actually need?
  13. Free gift chest in Diamond area

    I'd like to know also, since I'm one of the poor souls who has to listen to everybody talking about their free gifts while sitting out in the cold...
  14. Halloween Event Feedback Thread

    Maybe I'm missing something, but the event buildings don't seem all that great to me. I'm done trying to bend my cities into pretzels to fulfill the quests. I'll get what ever I get and most of that will probably end up with the Antique Dealer. On the other hand the graphic with the FOE guy...
  15. Halloween Event Feedback Thread

    Some of the event quests are ridiculous. In an Iron Age city still getting established I had to spend 12000 supplies, taking me to near 0. Then the next quest required me to build things. WITH WHAT????? In another city, where my citizens are practically bursting from excess happiness, I have...
  16. [Question] Sniping

    On the other hand, I took the time before levelling a building to offer unoccupied spots to friends. While I was waiting for a reply, a sniper not only edged everybody else out for the #1 spot, but levelled the building on me. So now I don't take the time. I just go ahead and level it when I am...
  17. [Question] ?

    The AD shows gemstones very clearly on mobile, Both how many you have and how many are needed to buy something.
  18. PC vs. Mobile

    This is another thing I noticed.
  19. PC vs. Mobile

    When I aid, I do it through the social bar and I aid EVERYBODY - Friends, Guildies, neighborhood. That way I don't miss anybody, even if they've missed me. FWIW, I cannot imagine trying to play on the tiny screen of a phone. Just doesn't seem like a good time to me.
  20. PC vs. Mobile

    While I normally do most of my aiding and tavern sitting from the social bar, when I clear my tavern, I like to aid/return the visit for those who are present before I clear the seats. It gives me a decent number of friends who are off the 24 hour cycle, which is sometimes helpful when a daily...