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  1. Disney Princess Sharon

    Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    I've seen this a lot with the event this time around. Way too much trolling with the wheel.
  2. Disney Princess Sharon

    New Issue Summer Wheel showing prize before wheel stops

    I've noticed this over the past few days (I'm pretty sure it never did this before). This is a wheel I just clicked Refresh & Spin on (it is still spinning): The wheel just started spinning but, if you look at the wheel, you can see that a slice of the 10% Supply Boost is gone. That is the...
  3. Disney Princess Sharon

    Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    First time I've ever had to complain about the wheel. Spent close to 20 doubloons trying to get the Fisherman's Pier (nobody else was spinning at the time). There were literally maybe only 5 or 6 spins left on the wheel when someone else came in and refreshed it. Very aggravating.
  4. Disney Princess Sharon

    Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    I don't really care for this mini-game. I guess the thinking part is ok but the number of times where the board is empty of paws is a bit off-putting. I can clear the only paw on the board and then go 15 moves without seeing another paw. Then one will finally appear when I have two or three...
  5. Disney Princess Sharon

    Archaeology Event 2021 Feedback

    I am coming up very very short on the ferris wheel without using diamonds. I currently have the base, the selection kit from the surprise box, and 5 upgrades so I can get it to level 7. I am currently here in the event: Yes, after today's quest I will be able to buy another pack of tools...
  6. Disney Princess Sharon

    Art Exhibition - Too hard to get or nobody wants it?

    I've been checking the Antique Dealer every day since the Art Exhibition was released and I've seen it a whole two times. I went through my friends list and neighborhood and I saw one person with a level 8 and one person with a level 4 and that was it. Does nobody want it or is it just that...
  7. Disney Princess Sharon

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Wow. Could they have hidden the league rewards any better? I didn't even know there were league rewards because I never clicked on the trophy (who would think to click on the trophy when the standings are right on the screen). If I knew that, I would have been using my free tickets every day...
  8. Disney Princess Sharon

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    You say "get in silver league" like it's the only thing you have to do. You have to finish in first place in the silver league to get 2 selection kits. I'm pretty much in exactly the same place. I have 3 upgrades for each end which means I need 4 more upgrades. I'll get one from the last...
  9. Disney Princess Sharon

    1G Coins?

    I just hit 1 billion coins and the display shows 1G coins? What does the G stand for? I thought it would be B for Billion.
  10. Disney Princess Sharon

    Cursor disappears when holding and dragging for collections

    Shouldn't it work correctly on all browsers?
  11. Disney Princess Sharon

    Cursor disappears when holding and dragging for collections

    I use Edge and was still playing the Flash version of the game. When the HTML5 popup came up this week, I switched over to HTML5. However, now when I click and drag my cursor for collections, the cursor disappears. It makes it very difficult for collecting when there is no cursor to see where...
  12. Disney Princess Sharon

    Music Festival doesn't count towards gain happiness for Summer Event

    I'm currently on an event quest where I need to gain 2,800 happiness. I had a few Music Festivals in my inventory so I put one down. It added 4,550 happiness to my empire but my event counter is still at 0 / 2,800.
  13. Disney Princess Sharon

    Do the Zanni Mask Statues get delivered right when the 3 day countdown ends?

    Do the Zanni Mask Statues get delivered right when the 3 day countdown ends? I had been sitting in first place (1195 Florins) for the past couple of days and went to bed in first place with only a few hours left. The timer has not rolled over and I'm guessing that someone passed me because the...
  14. Disney Princess Sharon

    Why can't I store my Royale Cascade?

    Thanks. I didn't realize it had population. I wish it would give the population number when you hover over it.
  15. Disney Princess Sharon

    Why can't I store my Royale Cascade?

    The Royal Cascade doesn't give population but it is not letting me store it for some reason (no icon over it). Why can't I store this building?
  16. Disney Princess Sharon

    Why is defending AI so horrible against Rogues?

    My city constantly gets attacked by teams of 1 unit + 7 Rogues. In this scenario, his one unit was damaged going into the fight so it should have been very easy to win this battle right? Wrong. The defending AI hit all 7 of his Rogues first (which turned them all into Grenaders) and my...
  17. Disney Princess Sharon

    Getting troops from higher ages?

    I'm in the Late Middle Ages and I got attacked by a couple people. I watched the battles and then clicked revenge to attack them. Once the battles loaded, I saw that both players I attacked, even though they are both in the Late Middle Ages as I am, have full squads of Colonial Age troops...