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  1. Correlation between ages on campaign map and quests

    After you go (by completing or aborting) through all the available side quests you should get to recurring quests.
  2. Word Shift

  3. Word Shift

  4. Banned from the Forum!

    I ban you for having a question mark as your profile picture
  5. Ideas for a guide

    Yeah, that's why some of us dislike the official wiki. Everything the official wiki has, the unnamed wiki has, but the unnamed wiki also has things the official wiki doesn't have.
  6. Ideas for a guide

    How about a list of quests, their rewards, and how to trigger them? :)
  7. [Guide] Beginner's Guide v1.00

    Please update this guide as Galata Tower is now EMA and Flying Island (SAV) is out. Thanks!
  8. When building, prompt to build from Building Menu or Inventory

    The buildings only cost coins and supplies, so it doesn't matter anyway. Also, not many people spend diamonds on premium buildings.
  9. Cultural Settlements Guide (v2.202)

    Which settlement should I do first?