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  1. Blackbeard

    Unformatted New idea

    Not sure if you guys have like a suggestion thread. But I had an idea for the game,,,yall might have already thought of it,,,But a lot of the time players might miss out on messages from there guild, but my suggestion was,,,,,just like some websites ask for permission to use push notifactions...
  2. Blackbeard

    Unformatted FP collection bar suggestion

    I know we can have up to 100 FP in the collection bar at any one time and the remainder in the other one, bUt when you collect over 600 a day with no GB's to put them on, it would be easier to be able to put the surplus in the other one without having to invest in other GB's, then winning them...
  3. Blackbeard

    Unformatted Incedent improval idea

    I just had an idea for a future upgrade and was wondering if it was a good idea. The incidents that you get in your city are good to find, but the rewards are the types that you would find if you were in a very early era.....shouldn't the rewards in them increase with the era you are in? For...
  4. Blackbeard

    New Guild seeking active players

    " Area 51 " is actively looking for new and seasoned players. Look us up. Auto=join,,,,,,come and go as you want.
  5. Blackbeard

    Looking for a cross guild( multi-guild) 1.9 thread,.

    I have a level 86 Arc and am a very daily player. Am in a very very small guild, have 66 million points and need a good 1.9 thread for my buildings. Message me in-game if ya have a spot Player name is "The Mugger"". TIA