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  1. Leveling a Guild?

    Hi, What are all the things that can be done to level a guild? I am trying an experiment on 2 worlds, leveling a 1 person guild. I have not opened up GE or GBG yet, and know those will give Guild Power, but what else does? I've just collected from Statue of Honors, that I thought contributed...
  2. AO and auto-battle

    Hi, Can you see if AO has triggered with auto-battle? If so, how? Thanks.
  3. Unformatted Daily Completion Notification

    Hi, I'm suggesting this only for the one Daily Quest you get a day, not event quests, or story quests or anything else. What I'm suggesting is a notification on the Daily icon (maybe a check mark or something) showing if you have already completed the Daily Quest. Currently, you have to...
  4. Fix your game!

    No sound, internal error a lot, freezing a lot, this website has encountered an error. It's all getting ridiculous. This wasn't happening before about 10 days ago. What the heck happened?
  5. New Issue No Sound!

    Hi, I have all sound settings turned on, including the volume up to max on the world I'm playing on. A couple of days ago, I noticed that I'm not getting any sound at all. Nothing from collecting, nothing from cultural settlement music, nothing from main world background music, nothing. I get...
  6. Confirmed Incident - Reward Not Available

    Hi, I've got this many times over the last couple of days. You click on an incident and it says - Reward Not Available Any More.
  7. Shrine of Knowledge

    Hi, On youtube, a guy said that he uses Store Building to Store his Shrine of Knowledge and then sell them on the AD. He said that the space they take, and the motivations they take make them less appealing than you'd think. Anyway, when I look at high level players in my guilds on all the...
  8. Modern Era Troops question

    Hi, I recently moved to the Modern Era. I have the ability to build all troop buildings, but I'd like to build only 3 and save space by not building 2. I have the Traz, so getting units for the ones I build will be no issue at all. I'm thinking of keeping the Battle Tank, Mech Artillery, and...
  9. Modern Era Question

    Hi, I'm about to move up to Modern Era on one World. I know that it's the first to have refined goods. All my GBs will now produce un-refined goods. However, I'm unsure about what special event buildings will produce. If I upgrade one to Modern, will it give refined goods or 2 x un-refined...
  10. Unformatted Have an 'add all' option when posting trades in trade threads

    Hi, Idea: In a Guild's Trade thread, instead of having to click on each trade to add it to the message, have an 'add all' or 'add all trades' option. Reason: It seems un-necessary to have to click on every trade to add it to a message. It also leads to mistakes if you have a lot of trades...
  11. Fixed Can't login on Laptop

    Hi, When I come the Forge of Empires site, the area to the right where I usually log in is totally blank. What's going on? Thanks.
  12. Hippodrome upgrades?

    Hi, Let's say you have the Hippodrome and the one at the other end (forgot its name), and lots of tracks. When you move up an age, and want all the stuff to be at the new age, do you have to upgrade the Hippodrome, other end, and all the tracks? Or do you only need to upgrade Hippodrome and...
  13. Best way to get ARC BPs?

    Hi, How do you get them quickly? Just contribute to Guild members ARCs and get them from there? Use the neighborhood? Anything else I'm missing. Swap threads just don't do it quickly enough. Thanks.
  14. Why so much lag??

    Hi, I'm getting so much lag right now in the game. Is that just me, or are you all getting it now? It's never really happened before. EDIT: I guess it was just me. It was happening again this morning, so I restarted my laptop. That fixed the problem. Probably something else running that was...
  15. When the heck is...

    Hi, When the heck is the soccer event? Has it been cancelled because of Covid-19? Thanks.
  16. About contributing to GBs

    Hi, Say I have 51 forge points, but also tons of stored up points (10s, 5s, 2s). On the display for contributing, if I hit the 10 button, will it take 10 from my current 51, or will it take from my stored points? Thanks. I don't want to try it and get it wrong.
  17. Things to buy on from AD?

    Hi, What things are worth buying from the Antiques vendor. I'm talking about mostly the 1 of several kits that come up. Like the things that get bonuses for being next to other buildings of that set. I never buy those because I'm not sure whether the others will come up on the AD, and whether...
  18. Delete Celtic Forest Kit?

    Hi, I'm really beginning to think that I need to delete this. Yes, all the stuff you get from them is nice, but They are really a pain to change ages (3 upgrades required) and they take up a lot of awkward space in the city with roads required on 2 sides. It's so bad compared with other single...
  19. Yikes - only 9 days to go

    Hi, Yikes. Still 2 ponds to cross to get the 6th upgrade (with the end of the quest chain being the 7th). Is it possible to cross 2 ponds with 180 X 9 Lanterns? Thanks.
  20. Size of Buildings?

    Hi, Gosh, I can't believe I can't figure this out easily, but the event building from the Spring Event makes it important to know. If a building is 4x6, does that mean it's got 4 tiles at the top, and is 6 down. Or does it mean it's got 6 at the top and 4 down? Thanks.