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  1. Forge Bowl 2022 Feedback

    The event looks fine. Opportunities to get Daily Specials. I'm not concerned about the lack of FPs for the building. There are way too many ways to get FPs in the game, and the building has solid defense for attacking army. Count me in.
  2. Leveling a Guild?

    Thanks Joey. I'm in Contemporary on both worlds and am looking forward to GE and GBG opening up next week. I've never done GVG or have any intention of doing it.
  3. Leveling a Guild?

    Ahh ok. That would make sense. Thanks.
  4. Leveling a Guild?

    Hi, What are all the things that can be done to level a guild? I am trying an experiment on 2 worlds, leveling a 1 person guild. I have not opened up GE or GBG yet, and know those will give Guild Power, but what else does? I've just collected from Statue of Honors, that I thought contributed...
  5. AO and auto-battle

    Thanks. I don't see any way to see a replay either. I'll just hope that it triggers sometime.
  6. AO and auto-battle

    Thanks. But I'm not clicking replay after every battle. That's why I auto-battle. I don't have time to do regular battles as I play on 7 worlds. I may do it for testing sometime though. Thanks again.
  7. AO and auto-battle

    Hi, Can you see if AO has triggered with auto-battle? If so, how? Thanks.
  8. New Issue Slow, freeze and eventually internal error

    See. It was Inno. I have no issues today for the first time in ages. I didn't change anything on my computer at all. So Inno fixed the problem.
  9. New Issue Slow, freeze and eventually internal error

    Yep. It's fine on the phone. It freezes and gets errors on my MacBook. They still haven't fixed it since the latest patch.
  10. New Issue Slow, freeze and eventually internal error

    I don't think it is, Ebeondi. I had this issue a while ago, and then they fixed it. Now it's back again today. Lots of freezes and reloading due to an internal error. If it comes and goes, it can't be a problem with the device, it's an INNO problem.
  11. Castle System Feedback

    The Castle System is awesome. Here's why. It's a huge incentive to do GBG. You can fight and negotiate in GBG and get all those juicy Castle Points. I've never done as much GBG on my 7 worlds as I have since the Castle System went live.
  12. Feedback for update 1.215

    I don't know what you did today, instead of Wednesday, but it looks like you fixed my freezing issues. Do you apply some fixes ahead of time? It looks like it. Thanks.
  13. Unformatted Daily Completion Notification

    Hi, I'm suggesting this only for the one Daily Quest you get a day, not event quests, or story quests or anything else. What I'm suggesting is a notification on the Daily icon (maybe a check mark or something) showing if you have already completed the Daily Quest. Currently, you have to...
  14. Fix your game!

    I'm on a mac laptop. Using Safari. It's been fine until about 10 days ago.
  15. Fix your game!

    No sound, internal error a lot, freezing a lot, this website has encountered an error. It's all getting ridiculous. This wasn't happening before about 10 days ago. What the heck happened?
  16. Fall 2021 Feedback

    A decent event. I'm looking forward to getting a One Up Kit every thirty days. But I don't really like events with multiple currencies.
  17. New Issue No Sound!

    Hi, I have all sound settings turned on, including the volume up to max on the world I'm playing on. A couple of days ago, I noticed that I'm not getting any sound at all. Nothing from collecting, nothing from cultural settlement music, nothing from main world background music, nothing. I get...
  18. Story quests

    What's wrong with Story Quests? They ask you to move through the Era map, and in between those are ones that require other stuff from the Era. I have no problem with them at all.
  19. Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    No attack bonus. Therefore no dice.
  20. Confirmed Incident - Reward Not Available

    This is fixed I think. I haven't had an incident fizzle on me with no reward for a couple of days now.