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  1. Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    You may have a bug but keep in mind that the Diplomacy stacks with the chain buildings (decos) only when you have put them in the correct position(s) (put your embassy in a corner so that you can get the longest chains possible for both). With this reply of yours, you seem to be assuming that...
  2. Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    I would also like to add, that it would be really nice, and a miracle too, if Inno could for even ONE time, implement something new or a change, and do so with NO bugs in it. This new Settlement is not even possible to finish in time to get the best time Reward, because of the "bug" that has it...
  3. Feedback for Update 1.211

    Well for the newest Settlement, the first 2 diplomacy buildings are 2x3 and 3x2, with there being no 1x1 buildings. Anyways, the pop-up on both of them says that when 1 to 5 of them (the max # depending on which one) are "attached to the sides" of the Embassy, that they are suppose to give a...
  4. Feedback for Update 1.211

    I see no mention in the "fixing", of the known bug in the new Settlement, nor has their been even a single "official announcement" from Inno about said bug, nor when they would be getting it fixed. Maybe if the 'bosses" at Inno were more interested in making and having the game run better...
  5. New Message Center Feedback

    I really hope the "hiding" part, will work on all of these stupid messages from Inno, especially the ones that want people to "work for free" for them, and that end up staying and cluttering up my Messages panel, for however long. It would be even better, if we could just plain leave/delete...
  6. Changelog 1.165

    I will really like the typing in of FPs, especially because the lag has gotten so bad here in the last 6 - 7 wks, making it so that it would sometimes take me quite a long time, when I was putting in 1500+ FPs.
  7. Space Age Mars

    I have to agree, and I'm thinking the BPs for this GB, and especially the Goods needed to build it, will be totally "hot items". I can also see the Goods for it, getting "sold" by some Players for outrageous amounts. LOL
  8. Changelog 1.152 Feedback

    For the part about the 2-laned Roads, with "it was not ALWAYS possible", heck it was never possible, for all of the time, if I happen to make a mistake, and clicked on a 2-laned Road section, instead of the 1-laned section I was trying to click on, or on a building next to that section. I would...
  9. Changelog 1.147

    They can't even do their Updates on the dates they say they are going to, as today is Tue the 5th, yet I'm still locked out after almost 10 mins, because of the Update going on right now. It's no wonder all of their supposed "fixes" usually end up making things worse, before they finally get it...
  10. Changelog 1.146 Feedback

    If their "goal" was to speed up the loading of the Tavern panel, especially the 1st time after logging into the game and/or refreshing the screen, then so far it has been the complete opposite and is yet another epic fail. Not only is it taking even longer now (almost twice as long), but it now...
  11. GvG Lag - "tile 38,75"

    It wasn't just GvG that was having this lag, but just the plain game itself, and this is with me NOT even having the animations going. The lag in GE was really bad also, and it took me almost 5 mins, just to get the support page up, to be able to put in a support complaint ticket. DOH!!
  12. Require Minimum of 5 FP contribution to GB's.

    This gets a big NO from me too, as I often use a 1 FP to keep track of a GB's progress, so that I will then know when, and/or even if, it will end up being worth it to put more FPs into said GB.
  13. Reconstruction Mode Update

    I like this proposal very much too. +1 here. :-)
  14. No auto scrolling message threads.

    Put down a +1 for me too. :-)
  15. Changelog 1.141 Feedback

    Kind of hard to have an Update, on a date that has since past long ago. Sept 7th was over 3 months ago, so I'm wondering exactly which Wed this will happen, maybe this coming one, Dec 12th. LOL :)
  16. Changlelog 1.140 Feedback

    I guess they are NOT going to do anything about the "battle noises" droning on and on yet again. It is doing this again well after I've left any and all of the Battle screens. It's almost as bad as it was doing back before they finally "fixed" it, and the only way I am able to get it to stop, is...
  17. Construction Mode Options

    You can put me down for a "YES" vote. :-)
  18. Move/Store Expansion Option

    I'm with you. It's like when they added all of the new places for the Expansions, they "released" those only 2 weeks after I had saved up 6 Expansion to "buy", and as it seems is usual for Inno, I saw no announcement that they were even thinking about adding all of the places, let alone any time...
  19. Changelog 1.138 Feedback

    I'm glad they are FINALLY fixing the "problem" in the Events History. I first wrote to them about this over 3 months ago, so at least it wasn't something that took them over 6 months to correct, like other things have. As I told them, while it wasn't causing any problems in the game at the...
  20. Changelog 1.136 Feedback

    You can put me down with all the others, in the "adding Negotiations to the DC sucks" category. I've had 2 of them in the last 3 days now, where it was a "medium" and a "hard", so that I have just plain passed. The so called "rewards" are crappy enough, let alone not even close to being worth...