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  1. Ebeondi Asi

    New Issue Since up to Oceanic not a singe two lane incident in months

    I have noticed in all three Worlds I play no two lane road incidents of any kind in months on the short bit of two lane roads I use. It seems since I moved up to Oceanic (coincidence?) I made a ticket which was generic answer of how I should play each day etc) Well I collect incidents at last...
  2. Ebeondi Asi

    New Issue Castle level 13 Permanent Rewards error on second attack boost message

    I was scrolling through the boost in Castle system and on level 13 the second Attack Boost message (It is the ninth permanent boost listed on level 13 just on this level 13) It states 30% attacker boost for attack and defense. Where all other Castle levels with this second attack boost state it...
  3. Ebeondi Asi

    Contact Support In GbG the three SC bug. far too many attrition for 3 SC

    Over and over fellow Guildies and myself find that, often, three SC around a sector in GbG do not give the correct attrition. Not even just little off. like six in a row attrition is common. five in a row is common. And it happens to many players in the same time. Over all, the attrition from...
  4. Ebeondi Asi

    Big GE Castle bonus? Does it increase through all levels? or stop increasing at level Four?

    From some information, it is not clear if the Castle System points for GE big encounters (four per GE level) continue to increase in value beyond Castle level four? The information I have seen only shows the Castle points increasing up to level four. So the question is: Do the Castle points for...
  5. Ebeondi Asi

    How can I see how much Promithium I have without moving to Arctic Era?

    Doing Arctic Continental Map wins Promithium. But how can I see how much I have in stock? (Without having to move to Arctic Era) just to see? I ask because I recently moved to Future Era, and after, also did Oceanic Map, and inadvertently hit a few "Negotiate" buttons accidentally while...
  6. Ebeondi Asi


  7. Ebeondi Asi

    Unformatted Top few Guilds in GbG switch to all World contests: Call it Diamond Champions

    The current GbG is basically dominated by a few top Guilds across all Worlds. many have complained. My idea is to make a all new level of play in GbG only for the top few Guilds in each World. instead of endlessly dominating the lesser Guilds as they have been, the top Guilds would compete...
  8. Ebeondi Asi

    Guild Great Building 1.9 payment mistakes and gains: do you owe someone back?

    A few Guild have a "No profit" rule so if one gains from a mistake they are supposed to repay it. Most Guilds do not have such a rule. So what is your feeling on the matter when it is in a Guild 1.9 thread? My first thought is I don't want others trying to bully me either way. Some people think...