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  1. Chicken Thighs R Best

    I vehemently dislike the "Find Friends" feature.

    I wish there was a way to opt-out of showing up on people's "Find Friends" interfaces. Since I'm in Iron Age I get a bunch of people from EMA, IA, and BA who don't offer anything useful that I want in a friendship. I guess they see a 40.3M Iron Age player and think "Wow, I would love to be...
  2. Chicken Thighs R Best

    I don't understand this game sometimes.

    How is it easier to get a level 80 Arc than a rogue hideout?!? I've been doing the DCs every single day and have always opted for the best chance for a rogue hideout if the chest is available, and I don't get them.
  3. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Should I push my Arc to 80 or leave it at 66 until I have a decent amount of excess inventory FP?

    I just got my Arc powerleveled from 30 to 66, and so far I'm going through a honeymoon phase of sniping GBs in the sweet spot. Unfortunately, I'm always running out of FPs and missing out on a lot of opportunities. I'm contemplating over whether I should continue sniping until I don't run out...
  4. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Selling Goods from the Virtual Future and Below!

    Hello there, I'm Chicken Thighs R Best, and I'm selling goods from Virtual Future and below in Tuulech. If you're looking for cheap BP spots, I could also provide it for free once you buy the goods for the respective GB (exception for rarer GBs). I could also alleviate guild treasury...
  5. Chicken Thighs R Best

    What's a CF level that the person is probably doing well on goods?

    I feel like this would help me in trading down goods.
  6. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Is Himeji Castle level 1 worth the space in Iron Age?

    I got some VF goods for free, but I don't have prints. Should I trade down the goods or build Himeji castle? The supplies HC gives are tantalizing.
  7. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Goods sellers of this forum, how do you become well-known and get more customers?

    I got ahold of a decent amount of FE goods for a couple of arc kits. How do you get your first customers?
  8. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Is LoA worth it for early-game?

    My goods situation seems to be going pretty well so far, and the LoA seems to only give 8 goods at level 1. I do have a supply imbalance compared to coins from guild hopping but I’m not entirely sure if the LoA’s supply boosts are worth it. My GBs plan is to only focus my FPs on the attack GBs...
  9. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Is there a tool that allows me to filter out players who have one GB but don't have another?

    I'm trying to browse the GB leaderboards for people who have a CdM but don't have a Zeus, but it's quite inefficient. I'm asking this so I could try to set up a private swap. Uh I just realized I posted this on the wrong section. Could the mods move this to Questions?
  10. Chicken Thighs R Best

    Completing IA GE4 within 6 weeks of starting a world

    If I remember correctly, @Algona mentioned in a comment that he managed to get a city that could complete GE4 easily within 6 weeks of starting his world. What Great Buildings should I be working on to get to that point?