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  1. Rotating City

    WAIT... WHAT>>>> NOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't rotate the city and look behind the buildings then you will notice they are all made outa cardboard. It's just a picture cut out. It's like a movie set nothing is real.... you can't peak behind the curtain at the wizard that only leads to disappointment :)
  2. "Mystic Warriors" is a New Guild Recruiting in the new world Brisgard All are Welcome

    Hey Dark, I have sent you several pm's and haven't heard back from you. Are you having lots of problems with the new server?
  3. Some PVP Thoughts

    Really? Fog of war is great but if you defended against an attack... even if it was the AI doing it for you cause you were sleeping :) there would be no more "fog of war" unless your defenders fought with blindfolds :) Maybe I communicated it unclearly though :) I don't mean the defender would...
  4. Some PVP Thoughts

    Hello All, Sorry if these have been posted before... to busy playing two servers to read all the forums :( Ways PVP battle could work: First the city interface would need a little green light and a little red light next to each persons name that shows if they were online and open to a...
  5. [Answered] New server

    When the new server opens up will you be able to play in both? Will you be able to have the same name in both is yes? I started Arvahall in late July so I have no chance up catching up to the top tier players. I still would like to continue in that server for the experience and to not waste all...
  6. Guild battles PVP change

    Sorry if this has already been suggested this way. I would like to see Guild Wars that happen this way... Regularly scheduled wars that begin at a certain time, days and times vary so diff times zones can "sign up" for the ones that work for them. The guild leaders can decide what battles...
  7. Two suggestions

    Ok, at least I made one valid suggestion :) And.... lets be honest what I most want to see is how bad I hurt the guy attacking me right :)
  8. Two suggestions

    Ah... thanks Paks. No way to see what troops were used against me in the battle I won/lost is there?
  9. Two suggestions

    Hello all, My two suggestions (sorry if they have been posted elsewhere) are this. It would be nice when you have been attacked to be able to see what the army was that attacked you. I know there are obvious reasons you cant actually fight the battle against the aggressor yourself but it...