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  1. Difficult Daily Challenges in IA

    My new city is in Carthage and still in IA. Three of my last five Daily Challenges have included a "complex negotiation" and today's included a "very complex negotiation". The goods required to complete any of these negotiations significantly exceed my daily goods production. I've no event...
  2. How do players manage to have multiple advanced GBs (HC, CF, CoA) in new world on second day?

    I am seeing multiple players with 4-6 GBs on second day of new world. Most have HC , CF and CoA in addition to what might be expected (Zeus, Babel, etc.). I am wondering how this is done? None of these players is past Iron Age. How do they get the goods and prints? Yes, I know that once one...
  3. Finding new Guild

    How does one find (evaluate, compare, apply) a new guild without leaving the current one?