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  1. UBERhelp1

    I need your help!

    Hey all! If you play on Angkor, it would be awesome if you could send a message for me. Since my computer's CPU is going wonky, I can't get into the game. If you could message Chadder the Great and tell him that I (UBERhelp1) can't get into the game, that would be amazing. (I don't want my guild...
  2. UBERhelp1

    FP Duplication

    World: Us26 Browser Chrome Description: I started with 89 FP on my bar, and the game was lagging a lot because my internet is meh. I put 60 FP on a guildmate's GB, but the bar showed I only put on 50. (89-50=39). I waited a few seconds, thinking, huh. This is weird. Then, I went into another GB...
  3. UBERhelp1

    [Question] Moral Dilemma

    I have (as the title suggests) a moral dilemma in one of my worlds. When I started the game, the first world I joined was obviously not my best world as I knew nothing about the game. However, my guild was really nice to me. They took me in and I learned a lot from them. They would go out of...
  4. UBERhelp1

    [Question] Challenge me!

    I kind of want a challenge that I can do in a new world. Problem is, I don't know what that challenge should be. I do have some ideas in mind (no cMap, no GB, etc.) but I can't think of any others. I'm already doing a TinyTown; is there any other kind of challenge that would be hard, but also fun?
  5. UBERhelp1

    FOE Stories

    So... basically just if you have a true story about the game that you did, someone else did, or whatever, that you want to share put it here. I'll go first with one of my stories. While I was in IA on one of my worlds, I was plundering everyone I possibly could. I came across one person who had...
  6. UBERhelp1

    City Output Chart

    Proposal A chart would be available that shows the player their average output of various resources of their city. Current System (if applicable) Currently, there is no in-game way of tracking one's productions. Details Basically, you go into your town hall. Under the "news" tab there will be...
  7. UBERhelp1

    Cultural Settlements Guide (2.16)

    Introduction to the Cultural Settlements Guide Cultural Settlements are a relatively new feature that has added on a new way to play Forge of Empires. If Guild vs Guild and Guild Expeditions were a way to make fighters and negotiators happy, this feature is Innogames’ way of making those who...
  8. UBERhelp1

    Dynamic Tower Goods

    I've got all the prints, but haven't found any goods seller that either: Is trustworthy Responds to my messages If anyone is selling DT goods, please contact me in game with your price (obviously my name is UBERhelp1 in game).
  9. UBERhelp1

    Settlements (REMOVED)

    This version of the guide has been permanently deleted. Please see the new guide for information.
  10. UBERhelp1

    Cultural Settlement Incidents

    Proposal Incidents would be added to the Cultural Settlements Current System (if applicable) There are incidents in the main city, but not the settlements. Details Incidents are a nice addition to the main city. They give small amounts of goods, coins, and other materials. It would be helpful...
  11. UBERhelp1

    [Question] What is the necessary % for submitting proposals?

    I have seen in various threads that proposals are submitted with either 60% or 70% yes on the vote. I have seen proposals submitted for 60% approval, so I'm assuming it's 60%, but if so why is there varied information in official threads in the proposal section?
  12. UBERhelp1

    Nomad Camp: A Special Residential Building

    Proposal I suggest a building that, based on the city's current happiness, changes what/how much it produces. Current System (if applicable) Currently, there are only buildings with set amounts of production. Details This building would provide a variable amount of /production based on...
  13. UBERhelp1

    GE 'Equalizer'

    Proposal This would make the guilds competing in the GE competition closer to each other in strength. Current System (if applicable) Currently, random guilds are chosen from all over the US server, no matter their activity, level, or the number of members. Details Every guild would be assigned...
  14. UBERhelp1

    Save Draft in Threads

    Proposal This would save drafts of your messages before you send them or if you click out of the window. Current System (if applicable) The current system deletes whatever text you typed in if you did not send it. Details When one sends a message in the message center, you have to click send...
  15. UBERhelp1

    Seasonal "Skins"

    Proposal City skins, based on the season Current System (if applicable) The only relation to this is the snow in the winter event. Details The idea here is based on the season, there are 4 different "skins" you're city can take on. In the winter, there's snow; spring, flowers; summer, default...
  16. UBERhelp1

    Diamond Mine

    Proposal The idea behind this is a mine that produces a few (note that it says "a few") diamonds per day. Current System (if applicable) There is no system that currently gives a ratio of diamonds/day, except for maybe the BG, but that doesn't count as that is chance based. Details The...
  17. UBERhelp1

    [Question] CA troops in IA?

    So, before I get to the actual question, you need to know about my city. I am currently in IA on Angkor, but I have the cMap explored into LMA. Is it possible to trigger the LMA bonus questline in IA and get the CA troops, or must I advance farther in age before doing so? Thanks, UBER.
  18. UBERhelp1

    Explorer's Camp: GE's Second GB

    Proposal I propose a new GB that would relate to GE. Just like how the Chateau influences quest rewards, I think it would be nice to have a GE version of that. From here on out, the Explorer's Camp will be referred to as the EC. Current System (if applicable) There is no system currently in...